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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by NZL Fan, Jun 9, 2005.

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    this is better than lockleys footage as there's some attacking shots pulled off (no offense locks)

    also covers other aspects

    have given the green light for BLICs

    am ordering from the UK for late July play time

    also will get my revenge in the 20/20 match

    i hope when u tour u can include to play all 1 dayers and 20/20 matches and tests

    this game i can confidently say will be the best of all cricket games

    Ea have just lost their cricket market and only have union to fall back on

    i now hope WCR challenge offers a more lomu like experience, hence drive EA out completely of our market
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    There is a new video due for release today.
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  6. ak47

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    press release

    With England giving its old Australian enemy an almighty thrashing last night in the UK’s first ever international Twenty20 cricket match, you’ll soon be able to try and better the team’s incredible 100-win score in Brian Lara International Cricket, coming July 21st to PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

    A quick 20-over slog match is just one of the many cricket tournaments you can create in the game and, today, Codemasters reveals the complete box-busting line up of game modes featuring in Brian Lara International Cricket.

    Representing a complete compendium of cricket competitions, the game includes Exhibition, Tournament, Challenge, and Coaching play modes in addition to Career Player, Customise and The Pavilion.

    Thanks to a licence from the International Cricket Council (ICC), the game includes the opportunity to play as the stars of the ICC’s world famous tournaments, in the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy.

    Making it the most complete edition in the best-selling series, Brian Lara International Cricket’s seven game modes delivers superb single-player and multi-player action.

    Exhibition (One-Day International, Test Match, Double Wicket):
    Step up to the crease and choose to play in a One-Day International offering a vibrant quick fix of cricket. You can select how many overs are played, up to a maximum of 50, meaning you can create a 20:20 slog fest too. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the classic atmosphere of Test Match, with a 5-day Test in all 10 test-playing nations. Also in Exhibition is Double Wicket providing a very accessible and customisable game with two cricketers on each side.

    Tournament (ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, World Tour, World XI Series, Double Wicket Tournament):
    Time to get serious and compete in the ICC’s official tournaments. Meet the best in the world in the ICC Cricket World Cup, featuring 14 limited-overs national teams, or take part in the ICC Champions Trophy with all the One-Day International nations in a concentrated round-robin competition. The Tournament mode also offers World Tour, where you take your team on a world tour playing Test matches and One-Day Internationals across the globe. Then there’s the World XI Series, featuring customised teams from around the world including Asian, African, Northern & Southern Hemisphere XIs and, ultimately, the World XI. Finally, there’s a Double Wicket Tournament for up to 16 players to compete in short snappy cricket matches.

    Challenge (Classic Matches, World XI Challenge, Classic XI Challenge):
    When you reckon you’re the best, the Challenge mode is where you can really show off. The Classic Match mode delivers 10 scenarios where you take over a genuine historic match at a critical point and see if you can pull off, or better, the same amazing cricketing feats as your real-life counterparts. There’s also the World XI Challenge, which has you playing as every international team versus the world’s best XI, and the Classic XI Challenge for you to pit your selected World XI against history’s greatest players in the ultimate cricketing test!

    To help you perfect your skills, Coaching offers The Nets, a comprehensive training facility for bowling and batting. Having trouble performing a square cut? Select a fast bowler to only bowl short and wide outside the off stump and in no time you will be launching exquisitely timed square cuts to the boundary in crucial fixtures.

    Career Player:
    Create your own Career Player to represent your nation in every available mode. You can select real licensed kit manufacturers – including Slazenger, Kookaburra, Duncan Fearnley. You can even set your player’s specialist skills, be it as a batsman, bowler or all-rounder, and determine if your player needs to have sun-cream applied! Through performing well, you can earn stat points to improve your player’s abilities.
    Using the Custom Squad option, build your dream XI from all the players featured. You can even design your own tournaments and leagues using the Custom League or Cup mode.

    The Pavilion:
    The Pavilion mode is somewhere to relax after a day at the crease. Here your achievements on the field unlocks classic players and photography of historic cricketing moments. The Records show off hundreds of One-Day, Fielding, Batting, Bowling, and Team records. Finally, there are three Trophy cabinets to fill with silverware, including the ICC Cricket World Cup and ICC Champion’s Trophy!
    With more than enough content to fill your entire summer with great cricketing moments, Brian Lara International Cricket will hit you for six when it’s published on Thursday 21st July – the first day of the hugely anticipated Ashes series between England and Australia– for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

    Screenshots to follow.
    Video available from the games sites.
  7. Wally

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    Lol, are you serious? The Poms are so pathedic.
  8. ak47

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    its a press release - i never said it

    they did pump us too

    i am 100% going to get my revenge as soon as BLICS comes out

    losing that 20/20 may not seem like much as the ashes is the real deal......but losing to anyone these days is a shock ot the system, and revenge is necessary
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