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Bledisloe Cup/npc Final...lol

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Auckland WILL win this next weekend...
i bet my millions of dollars on it!!!!!!!...

and if things go there way we might see a rematch two weeks after that match..the npc final and maybe another ranfurly challenge

anyways..we looking good and that wasnt our best team!

Now that you are broke Chiro would you like a loan?

The final will be worse for Auckland. Canterbury have a habit of inflicting a heavy loss on a team just before playoffs before giving them a bigger hiding in the actual playoffs or final. Remember Wellington? Talk about a team that didn't learn from the first game.

Also for the record any NPC semi or final cannot double up as a shield challenge. I thought Counties had the shield years ago when Vidiri scored a last minute try against Waikato in the NPC semi final but it was not a shield match even though the game was in hamilton.
who cares...im happy that i had a gud nite in town!!!

lucky punk

That best I had all night is when these babes knocked on our door at 2.30am in the morning but looked in, saw us playing on the net and tv and realised they were at the wrong address.

I should have opened the door and let them in for coffee............or...................more coffee
My thoughts on the Game last night :

- Scott Hamilton's foot was out, freeze it and play it frame by frame and it is easy to see

- Either the Auckland Pack has improved or else the Cantab one has gone downhill real fast

- Tasea Lavea must die

- Paul Honnis and the Refs need to stop being pussies and start carding players earlier, the scrums were atrociuos, it was like that BC test this year where the All Blacks were being punished for destroying the Wallaby scrum.

- Tasea Lavea is ****

- We need to get Luke McAlister, fast. I dont care who we have to give up. As long as we keep Rocokoko, Kaino and Ali Williams I'll be happy.
-tasesa lavea..is a dead man

hey ripper i know where he stays..wanna travel to auckland from hicktown and go knock on his door WITH A FRIIGGGIN HAMMER!!!

curtis haiu shouldve been starting he has been one of the form forwards in the npc...ali williams is a dick..and carter is the man!

gud stuff to cantab..deserved victory
Canterbury were lucky honiss was reffing otherwise the result would have been different without a doubt.

several points to bring up with the refffing of the game

offside-Canterbury were offside all night long and only got pinged about 3 times if that for it

Slowing ball down- Canterbury committed proffesional fouls at the ruck nearly everytime auckland had the ball. against the rules of the game.

Flyns try- Debateable if it actually got it down looked like he was held up

Scrums- Crockett was bringing it down all night and yet was hardly ever pinged for it.

Forward passes- Numerous forward passes were missed by the ref and Canterbury seemed to get the 50/50 ones their way

Yellow card-with deliberately being offside and killing the ball at the ruck a few more players should have gone in the bin and before the second half.

ultimately the ref gave canterbury the game by not penalising them and allowing them to get away with murder.

Full credit to canterbury though they played to the whistle and got the victory. will be interesting to see how they go if they don't have honiss in the semis or final

Lavea is a very average first five and mcAlister better be at 10 in the Blues
well my moneys on an otago win now, the aucklanders will get to the final, but if otago play like that again, then they should win.
Otago weren't that great. Their defence in their 22 was soft at best. they just slid across the line.

I thikn it was miore errors from canterbury that cost them.

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