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Hello People

Well as you know we have been mentioned on the BBC Blog, via a Link and this got me thinking it was about time that we set up a Blogger Account as another form of advertising for the boards... So If you feel you have something to say or you see an Article in the Talking Balls Section that you feel should be published on our Blog then ask to be a contributor of it, and I will add you or ask the author to place their article on the Blogger Account..


We would really like to see the success of this continued with the board growing to a massive level and becoming the place to discuss rugby on the forum...

If you have any ideas which you do want to put forward then please dont hesitate to contact me or Dan and we will be more than willing to listen to you and your idea...

Another quick thing, is if you write a comment on the BBC Blog make sure you put The Rugby Forum, website as your site, as it will help gain some more links for us and people get curious and click... We Need to become Whores and whore this place everywhere possible...
Whoring the place elsewhere is all well and good but what will also get this place going would be if people started posting more in the rugby related fora, if you have something to say just say it, don't be afraid to start a new topic, if there's already something on it it'll be picked up by one of the staff and merged with the relevant topic. Voice your opinion instead of just reading a thread and leaving it at that. We have some great posters here that can make a massive contribution to this place.

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