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He served for the UK through the Ghurkas throughout the Second World War, he sacrificed everything in the fight against tyranny and oppression, he saved numerous lives with scant disregard to his own personal safety and he more than earnt a Victoria Cross two times over in service of the crown.

And now, when he meekly and politely asks for permission to stay in the UK, what does our illustrious government do? Slap away his hand of friendship and throw it all back in his face: DENIED!

It really makes me angry and ashamed that we let in all and sundry to preach hate and destablise our nation, while those who actually deserve leave to stay, those who actually want to make a difference and contribute to the most illustrious nation on gods earth, those who want to work and those who simply want the nation for whom they fought for to care for them, are shown the exit and given a boot up the behind.

This man, as with the rest of the Ghurkhas, is a hero. He shouldn't have to ask, we should send for him from Nepal, welcome him at Heathrow and carry him on our shoulders and give him all that he needs.

Instead, he has to survive in a tin shack on £132 (Two hundred trillion Aussie dollars) a month. Disgusting.
The treatment of the Ghurkhas by whatever government has always disgraceful, but considering what the left wing monkeys at the home office are currently like, this doesn't supprise me.

It shows how the <strike>communists</strike> socialists are destroying the moral fibre of this country.
This ****** me off so much, this government ****** me off... I am sorry but some of these people that work for the government need to go and get the pole that is lodged firmly up their arse surgically removed if it is even possible...
It shouldn't even be a question, he has earned the right to have citizenship.
VC? No debate necessary. In you come Sir.

England expects every man will do his duty......It's heroes should expect that in return we do our duty by them.
It really makes me angry and ashamed that we let in all and sundry to preach hate and destablise our nation, [/b]

No doubt they are claiming Tax Credits.
absolute disgrace that a man who serves this country isn't allowed to live here. Especially if you look at some that are!
No doubt they are claiming Tax Credits.

And disability benefit. Also, legal aid to fight off the inevitable inept legal case brought by MI5 and Special Branch, while also being allowed to buy and sell properly al la Abu Hamza.
in singapore, the gurkhas are treated like gods. the got even pays for the whole contingent to be educated in the top university. now that really makes my blood boil. but back on topic, its disgusting how they r being treated overseas. hell these guys wld even have their fingers blown off for u! read from the book my dad has : " the gurkhas"

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