Blues edge Hurricanes in warm-up game

Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by munross, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Haha yeah it was played on a paddock where they usually have livestock. Good of both teams to play in Mangatainoka right next to the Tui brewery. I thought the Hurricanes might have won but it's only preseason and we don't really wanna show our cards just yet.

    Apparently Highlanders played over in Fiji too hope someone can give us a lowdown on how that game went.

    edit:Lol just saw your other post Intercept King
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    Rugby sure isn't dead in a country when 8,000 turn up to a town with just 200 people. I think you can see that rugby in New Zealand is really trying to give something back to its grass roots and the community. You see that with the Ranfurly Shield games in places like Waunganui and with this game.
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    The naked truth about the security at Mangatainoka's Super 14 match was revealed in stark fashion as a string of streakers joined in the mud bath.

    Tie in impromptu mud-wrestling, Tui Girls in bare feet, driving rain and a call from the band to drink every last drop of the sponsor's product before leaving, and the 8000strong crowd that attended Saturday's unique rugby experience left with the feeling they had been part of something special.

    The pre-season match in northern Wairarapa was more reminiscent of Glastonbury music festival than a footy match, as half-naked drunken men stumbled happily in the mud, music blaring in the background.

    The sponsor's product and a sea of umbrellas ensured that even driving rain and a perfectly timed southerly did not dampen spirits.

    City slickers realised the worth of a good pair of gummies but the Tui Girls, of which there were many, were happy to go barefoot.

    In between times a rugby match broke out, after Sir Brian Lochore followed up a bagpipe national anthem with a short punt to the Blues that turned out to be the actual kickoff.

    In the next 90 minutes four male streakers strutted their stuff, one managing to bind on to a Hurricanes ruck before being carted away by security.

    The podgiest of the naturalists was able to squeeze in press-ups, dance moves, a mock try and a grotesque liaison with a goalpost.

    He was left to his own devices for so long he ran out of antics, while play continued at the other end of the field. Eventually a stream of fluorescent vests dawdled in and the exhausted exhibitionist gave himself up.

    None of the streakers were arrested, but all were banned from the ground and received a warning.

    The Hurricanes shook off the distractions to play a decent game of rugby, despite losing 19-17, and then stayed for an hour signing autographs and posing for photos in the drizzle.

    Hurricanes flanker Scott Waldrom loved every minute, but admitted the facilities under Mangatainoka RFC's tiny grandstand weren't quite as good as those at Westpac Stadium.

    "We waded about 200 metres through the mud to get to the changing rooms and there was no toilet, so we were hunting around the paddock at the back where they'd put one toilet in an old cowshed."

    Waldrom said the players had been blown away to find such a big crowd – courtesy of a makeshift scaffold stadium – in the middle of nowhere. "I don't think we were expecting the scaffolding to be as high as it was and when everyone was packed in around you it was bloody impressive."

    The Blues players got a shock, too, and made an amusing sight as they tiptoed daintily from the team bus to their dressing tent (yes, tent) in a futile effort to keep their glistening white trainers clean.

    "Go the Blues!" yelled one of the witty locals. "Yeah right!" chimed in his mates.

    Hurricanes coach Colin Cooper said he would love to see more pre-season games in the provinces. "Everyone wins. It gave a lot more hype to the game and it gave an opportunity to advertise for the sponsors. It's different, but it's good."
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