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Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by kaino1990, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. kaino1990

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    just watched the game, the most frustrating game i have watched thus far in the season... too many dropped balls, and i am not a fan of the non neutral referees, too many bad calls to be just a coincidence ie smits knockdown/muller and jacobs offside tackle against rokocoko which should of been a penalty try, deliberate killing of the ball/offside by the sharks should of been resulting in someone being sent off... bad effort by referee imo, blues stuck it out till the end and very unlucky with some of the plays ie pietersens try in the start resulting from some messy play and kainos miss catch from a bomb kick although too many mistakes really, although they did show good signs of continouous rugby and pretty exciting although the blues lost T_T. oh well, crusaders vs highlanders then 7s world cup :D GO SAMOA!
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  3. Did anyone watch Reunion after round two? :lol: The first thing they said rather than analysing the match was that they blamed the new referee system for most of their sides losing. I only saw the last twenty minutes so cant make a complete judgement, the Sharks are just an impressive team, they know how to win and they always had a bit to much for the Blues.

    Actually i think the current top 4 could be the same top 4 as the end of the season, Sharks,Bulls,Tahs and Hurricanes.
  4. Sneaki

    Sneaki Guest

    The Blues have always seemed to have a problem with the Sharks. They haven't beaten them since 2005 apparently.
  5. esoj

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    I think the sharks were very lucky to get the win. rokocoko was very blatantly tackled by at least one player in an offside position when he was over the tryline basically and then soon after the sharks get a try down the other end. that was a massive turning point and handed the game to the sharks. calls like that are what have me questioning this referee system being tried. this system is meant to be improving the reffing but I think the refs are now under so much pressure they are now missing things they would have otherwise been pulling up. the blues did not play well for sure but they certainly didn't deserve to have the game robbed from them by a bad call made by the ref that also happened not to be neutral. just wait until the sharks lose a game due to a bad call from a non netural ref and I am sure it will be all over this forum.
  6. candybum

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    i hear that the touch judge signalled to the ref that he was indeed tackled by an offside player, but the ref ignored the ruling :(
  7. Jer1cho

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    2 weeks in a row now that The Sharks have been very lucky, and on the right side of the refereeing blunders. I thought The Sharks were the better team in this game though. Decisions aside.
  8. kaino1990

    kaino1990 Guest

    yah definantly, its looking pretty grim for the nz teams this year, the injuries are starting to hurt us, i think sharks will win it this year but too early to call i guess, and one loss and it could turn them around (like the blues last year AND against the sharks)

    i heard the same thing, and the ref overruled it, wtf? pretty foolish considering the assistant referee was in clear view of the incident and the referee was aparently blocked by a player, but sharks deserved to win, they had a mean defence and just ravaged the rucks causing turnovers left right and centre...

    all in all, will be alot better when its back to neutral referees (if its back) so guys like me have no excuses for their team losing :p
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