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Bollock ******** ********



f***ing ********.

I lost my Mobile phone 2 days ago. Which ****** me off. A lot.


Then, this evening, I take my best jeans out of the wash and, low and behold, if it's there in the wash.


Alas to say, it doesn't work.


But then, after I get out both my backup phones, neither of them want to charge or turn on.


But then, with my last ounce of will to live, I delve into my old college bag and find my 5210. My old trustworthy friend which never let me down...

I put in the sim. I plug in the charger. I press the on button and the old and scratched dot matrix screen...

Burst into an amazing array of orange and black!!!

Hurrah! I have a phone!!! And the sim works, I didn't kill it in the wash!!!!!!!

However, the number of the pretty girl I chatted up at the weekend was on the phone memory and not the sim, with no way of recovering it.

Two and a half weeks ago I went into Arnotts to get my new school jumper. I go in, can't find one in my size so I go up to the counter and ask if I can order one in. The kindly lady says yes, explains that the reason they don't have and is that they came in with the crest done wrong and that they will post it out to me when it comes in next Monday (this was Wednesday). So I return home all happy.

Two weeks pass. My jumper fails to arrive. My Mum decides to call Arnotts on Monday morning of this week. She gets no reply. So she decides to wake me up at an unGodly hour (given I had been working all the previous week and out every night at the weekend) to tell me I get to go into Arnotts to pick it up. So I rouse myself out of bed and hop on the bus into town. I go into Arnotts, find the secret entrance to the uniform department hidden between the lighting and furniture departments. It is, of course, absolutely packed what with school starting this week. I find some checkout with a small queue and after waiting in line for a minute (allowing my anger to fester) I accost the employee and ask her where my jumper is. She starts to say something about Wednesday but is thwarted as another more senior person turns around and asks me which colour it was supposed to be. I tell her and she tells me that my jumper was apparently posted on Friday and tells me I should have got it in the post today. I stop to wonder why I would come into the shop and make a fuss if I already had my jumper? However I decide against it and ask why it took so long for it to be sent and was told the same story about the crest. I then pointed out that they had told me that was what was wrong with the last order and the exact same thing they had told my friend last summer. The silly bint then said "Thanks for your patience" and then I just left.

The thing now is that I start school on Thursday so I am considering going in tomorrow and kicking up a hell of a storm, demanding managers and suchlike but a large part of me doesn't want to spend 40 minutes going in and 40 minutes coming home on a bus.
i think you should deffinetly go in and make a fuss!

messing with authoritah is one of my favourite things to do, especially when people think they know better and are smarter than you just because they are older, just ****** me off..

go berserk.
was ******* down in sydney all weekend

i had a massive bender

at 6am in the morning of saturday - ****** as a fart, stumbling thru taylor square...............i get massacred by a tidal wave.......a freakin oxford street tsunami.........came and drenched the f***ing **** out of me.........a passing bus hit this puddle nealry a foot deep, and i was standing standing 2m from it, looking the other way...........bang...............worse than a gatorade bath.

I had to go home then............was my signal to call it a night.......although getting a cab to pick up a soaking drunken trashbag, at 6am was proven impossible

thus had to catch a bus, where all these people going to work, would just look at me with confused, and worried faces........while i dripped in the middle of the bus standing up, all the way back to bondi....freezing f***ing cold

Awww the good ol' Nokia's...

My Samsung E700 went bust the other day, I was mega nobb'd off at that.. I am now forced to use a SOny Ericsson J100i which is like the most basic SE available ob the market.

I mean you can only store 20 f***ing messages, I have to keep it on silent because the god damn ringtones are the mnost annoying thing ever, AND THERE ARE ONLY 8 OF THEM!

I toyed with going back to my old 3310 but couldn't find the charger :(
Simcards are virtually indestructable. They make Captain Scarlet look weak.

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