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Borders v Munster


An Tarbh

Jerry Flannery will be on the bench for Munster's trip to Netherdale. Will be interesting to see how much game time he actually gets though, even for Munster's sake it would be hoped to be at least 40 minutes given the form of Frankie Sheahan.

Steve Moffat returns to the Borders lineup following a spell with Castres.

Border Reivers: C MacRae, S Moffat, N De Luca, S Danielli, S Jones, R Chrystie, R Grant, S Scott, E Kalman, O Palepoi, J Dalziel, S Newlands, A Miller, S Gray.
Replacements: R Ford, B Douglas, R Vernon, S Forrest, B McKerchar, G Townsend, Garry Law.

Munster: D Hurley, F Sheahan, F Pucciariello, M O'Driscoll, C Wyatt, A Quinlan, T McGann, J Coughlan, T O'Leary, J Manning, I Dowling, L Mafi, B Murphy, S Payne, C Cullen.
Replacements: T Buckley, J Flannery, D Ryan, M Melbourne, B O'Meara, E Hickey, M Lawlor.

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