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Bourgoin switch their games to bigger stadia



Bourgoin have announced that they will host their Top14 regular matchs versus Perpignan in Saint Etienne at the Geoffroy Guichard stadium (36000 seats) and versus Toulouse in Lyon at the Gerland stadium (44000 seats).

The Top14 popularity is on the up.
This is huge, wouldn't have thought that a club like Bourgoin would be able to get such crowds for their Top14 matches, what's their average gate something like 8000?
Yes 8000 must be the average. The point is in my opinion that since Grenoble was relegated to Fédérale 3 for bankrupcy reason they are the only club of the Top14 in the Rhône area. They can therefore attract the public from Lyon, Saint Etienne, Villeurbanne, etc. This is a very populated area and if they manage to promote properly these two matchs they should be able to attract people enough to fill up these two stadiums.
Sure it's certainly worth the effort, and if they get the marketing right it should be a sellout, maybe some advice from the Stade Français president.

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