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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Hazey, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hazey

    Hazey Guest

    Hey all,

    Having played the original Brian Lara on the PC for about 5 years, it finally got out-upgraded and wouldn't run anymore, so was tempted to buy the new version after the CWC but was put off a bit by the price. However, I bought it about a month ago after finding it priced wrongly in PC World (£10 - bargin! :p ), and after playing it a lot recently, have found it a very enjoyable game, nice to have better control over your fielders, and the added shot/ball selections are a very welcome addition.

    I also like the confidence meters and the ability to create your own teams, but if I do have one criticism it is that the game in general, even on it's most difficult mode, is actually quite easy... The sole criticism of the game play itself is that CPU batting shot selection is unrealistic to say the least - to be able to whip any (and I mean any) ball within a foot of off-stump for 6 over square leg just ridiculous...

    However, overall a good game a feel. Anyone else own/play it?


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  3. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    I had this game for about a day before i returned it (I still have the 2005 version and found it easier to play)

    I thought this version was way worse than 2005, sure the batters would run now but thats about as far as it went. and the graphics were improved slightly, but not worth buying in my opinion i found it unplayable.

    moving this to the gameing section as Swordfish didnt make this installment.
  4. disco125

    disco125 Guest

    Is this game better than EA's Cricket 07 ?

    sorry , also is it the same as BLC 05 where all the names of the players a wrong ?

  5. Bawked

    Bawked Guest

    Woosaah, I'm sorry but I completely disagree with you. This game is a million times better than the PIECE OF **** EA PUTS OUT!!!!! The animations and batting are fun in the game and when you bowl you feel you can take wickets unlike EA Cricket 2007. The only thing wrong with the game is that it is too easy.
  6. duff_za

    duff_za Guest

    I love BLC 2005, EA, as usual, just focuses on graphics and not playability. I found the learning curve waay to hard... maybe I just needed to put in a bit more practice hehe. I remember playing Ian Botham/Jonty Rhodes cricket and racking up scores in the 1000's hehe.
  7. I bought BLIC 2007 a week after release and was pleasantly suprised at how good it was. Online is a massive feature, predominantly the reason why i bought it on PC and not PS2. At times it can be fairly easy, but does provide a worthy challenge to EA's half-hearted effort.
    7.5/10 from me :cheers:
  8. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    that was my problem, i went on test level straight zimbabwe vs new zealand. i racked up a score (cant remember how much but the batting was exactly like 2005 with a couple of extra useless features) then bowled out new zealand for 15, now this is on test, with a crap team like zimbabwe. tried another couple of games, was way too easy and not worth it imo.

    the online wasnt much better, i played 3 or 4 games, was winning them and people just quit. wasnt fun at all.
  9. disco125

    disco125 Guest

    I think I'll stick with Cricket 07 as it has the major nations player names and you can edit the others countries , plus it's more of a simulation which I like even though it is almost impossible to get an outside edge when bowling on 5 star difficulty , and it tracks the stats / averages which is another biggy for me ...
  10. i managed to get it the day before release and i was gutted. its rubbish. i loved blic 2005 but this was a step backwards. recently bought cricket 07(ea) and am very happy with it. the other ea titles were rubbish but this one seems much more playable. all of the licences for players and being able to update squads helps too.
  11. judgeinjury

    judgeinjury Guest

    My favorite thing about Brian Lara is the Old school people you can play with. When was the last time in a video game you played with an athlete from the 1800's? With a handlebar mustache and full beard no less.

    The black and white effects to make the game look like it is in the past in a nice effect as well.
  12. Rockstar

    Rockstar Guest

    I must admit that I really didnt enjoy EA Cricket 2007, same animations.....EA just patched 2005. It's just irritating to play. Brian Lara 2007 seems to be the better choice but they both arent that great.
  13. Wlf

    Wlf Guest

    Yeah - both sucked BIG TIME. This weird world of ours still has to see a good cricket game. There's been one or two with slight potential, but thus far, they've all sucked after a week or two... no longevity whatsoever.
  14. haupy

    haupy Guest

    In my opinion they took at step backwards in terms of the bowling controls, I remember playing the demo and enjoying the batting but when it came to bowling it really didn't 'feel' that great.
  15. hi,
    it is actually possible (although extremely complicated and time-consuming) to get the orginal brian lara cricket to work on a pc wth windows xp. its quite rewardig if you do get it to work though. if i remember rightly the instructions can be found at
  16. jaco

    jaco Guest

    What are the codes to unlock bats pads etc. ????????????????????
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