Bring back English Club Cup?

Discussion in 'RFU Championship / British-Irish Cup' started by Cusker, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    I think the Parker Pen Cup should be brought back. It gives you smaller teames like Waterlo ect the chance to test them selfs against the likes of Sales,Wasps ect. For example when Bristol got relegated to Div 1 we did really well in the cup played really well against Wasps,best game of rugby i have seen live. But we lost just. but we still progressed to the QF or SF i think against Gloscester because Wasps fielded an eneligable player. You just can't beat things like that in my view. Gives players and clubs a chance to shine.
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  3. Well the Parker Pen Cup (as was) is still around, seeing as that used to be the name for the European Challenge Cup.

    I assume what you're actually referring to is what used to be the Powergen Cup. And yes, it should be brought back as soon as possible. I can't imagine the FA ever being quietly replaced, and seeing as this is rugby's equivilent I think it was appalling how it was just dumped.

    If anyone at the RFU actually went and asked supporters around the country, I can't imagine there being too much opposition to its reintroduction instead of the Anglo-Welsh shambles.
  4. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    Yeah. the Powergen Cup. I thought it was the Parker Pen Cup oops.
  5. The fans should just boycott the's cack. Straight knock-outs are the only way to win cups.
  6. stoothcw

    stoothcw Guest

    I agree, gives rubish teams a chance to play against the big boys!!
  7. Tigersmad

    Tigersmad Guest

    would be good to play national league clubs again
  8. wilmartin

    wilmartin Guest

    I dont mind the anglo-welsh cup b ut it should be straight knock out, Its abit harsh to leave the welsh to all play one another all year round without testing themselves, I mean there is one high quality team, the Ospreys. If Leicester could only play crap teams our fans wouldn't be happy.
  9. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    if they did bring it back then they'd have to scrap the Anglo - Welsh probably, as each of the top flight English clubs already play in 3 different competitions. There's just not enough room in their season. But that would be unfair on Welsh because (apart from meeting in the Heineken/Challenge Cup) it stops regular competitive games between the Welsh and English sides.

    But it would be good to have a FA Cup style competition for English Rugby. Great way to expose the small guys to professional top flight rugby. But I doubt you'd see as many upsets as you see in Football, plenty of 50 pointers though...

  10. Surely it was unfair on the lower echelons of English rugby when the Welsh regions muscled them out of their very lucrative and eagerly anticipated battles against the country's big boys?

    Even if there are some big scores, there are also some memorable upsets - take Birmingham-Solihull (as was) against Wasps for example. The Anglo-Welsh Cup is unnecessary. I wouldn't mind so much if the Welsh teams had been amalgamated into the existing tournament, but there are an awful lot of fans who were left very disappointed when the all English straight knock-out competition was shunted out of the limelight.
  11. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Mate, Wales and England are sepereate nations, just because we're in a Union together doesn't mean we're legally bound to share cup competitions with each other.

    Whatever happened to the Magners League having a cup compeition? You usually have a Cup tourney for the teams in your league structure. Nobody in Wales gets promoted to or demoted from the Guinness Premiership or the National Leagues so...what are you guys doing here? Go away and let the ND1 clubs have a go!
  12. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    All I meant was that it's a done agreement, so it wouldn't be fair to cancel it out of the blue and say 'sod it, let's hammer some under-strength Div 1 teams' and leave the Welsh regions in the lurch. Of course, the Anglo-Welsh probably won't last that much longer, if what people say here about fans hating it is true (can't say I've heard many Welsh people say that, but there we go). But to be honest, the Welsh regions are a hell of a lot harder to beat that the English teams outside the GP. ND1 clubs are probably massivly underfunded (bar whoever gets relegated, and then promoted straight back) so basicly you will never see a tournament like this years FA Cup, since the likes of the Cornish Pirates don't have a chance against the likes Leicester (though they might have a chance against the Sarries :p )
  13. RC

    RC Guest

    I can see the EDF lasting for a fair few years yet.
    Stadiums are selling pretty well when the games are on, Millenium Stadium always has a good day when the semis are on and there's just far too much cash involved. I mean the lucrative sum offered to the club who raises the cup at the end is outstanding, it comes close to competing with the HEC!

    As much as the English boys don't like this i believe while we're in a professional game money shall always rule the roost and you're gonna have to stomach things you don't like becuase your clubs need the dosh.
    But i enjoy it, you know watching Ospreys trouncing a couple of sub-par english teams...just a shame we can't do it where it matters.
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