Bristol vs Cornish Pirates

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    Bristol tasted defeat for the first time this season at the hands of Exeter and will travel to Cornwall with 6 changes to that side. Jack Adams and Lee Robinson return in the backs while there is change in the front row with Alex Clarke and Darren Crompton coming in. James Phillips returns in the second row and Redford Pennycook starts at 7.

    Luke Arscott
    Lee Robinson
    Jack Adams
    Junior Fatialofa
    Dan Norton
    Adrian Jarvis
    Jason Spice ©

    Alex Clarke
    David Blaney
    Darren Crompton
    James Phillips
    Roy Winters
    Iain Grieve
    Redford Pennycook
    Dan Montagu


    Ross Johnson, Wayne Thompson, Mariano Sambucetti, James Merriman, Sam Alford, Luke Eves, Tom Arscott
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  3. bristol-iain

    bristol-iain Guest

    Bristol return to winning ways with an impressive 35-13 win away at Cornish Pirates. Bristol scored 4 tries to make it a bonus point win. Redford Pennycook, Luke Arscott Dan Norton and some bloke called Penalty scoring the tries.

    Full report to follow
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    Crap! Cornish Pirates are my team!
  5. bristol-iain

    bristol-iain Guest


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