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"Britain doesn't have any creative no.10's in football because of Rugby"

Mate, sorry but you did not read Conrad's post ... He's talking only about brute force ... In all the examples you give, the technique cannot be taken appart as all the top teams are better than Romania or Georgia because of that technique. He' trying to explain you that Georgia could beat anyone at a brute force contest, which might not be wrong. Of course, they cannot win the WC because rugby is not a matter of brute force. The technique of forwards in rugby is how do you use it properly. We had quite a lot of the best scrummargers of their time down here (Marconnet, de Villiers, Mas) and they were far from being the strongest ...

Relax, man. Do you know the big duck? He's the forum's joker. You just have to answer: "Yes, big duck. Your're right, you're the best duck in the world". No point trying to reason with donkeys
It's a shame that repetition is more important than accuracy/research in posting.

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