British Rugby Players in Charity Art Exhibition

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    Rugby: Size really does Matter is an art exhibition all about Rugby and the lovely lads that play the beautiful game! The paintings are actually painted by a 17 year old artist - Rianna Lane.

    The exhibition runs from the 10th of Oct - 15th Nov 2008 at the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol. SO ITS ON SHOW NOW!

    All profits from the exhibtion will go to the Ali Johnson Trust Fund, Ali was left wheelchair bound after a serious neck injury, which he sustained whilst playing rugby in 2004. You can read more about the charity at

    The exhibition also involves some of the worlds most regarded rugby stars! :bravo:

    Players such as Jonny Wilkinson, Martin Johnson, Alix Popham, Chris Paterson, Sean Lamont, Stephen Jones and Bath rugby favourites Nick Abendanon and Ryan Davis, to name a few, have all be signed their portraits!

    For more info on this go to

    Please check it out it is such a worthwhile cause! x
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