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Brown Signs For Super 14 Team



Tony Brown has signed for the Sharks for next years super 14 comp.

from tvnz http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cf...jectID=10350834
Former All Blacks first five-eighth Tony Brown will play for South African rugby franchise the Sharks in next year's Super 14.

Brown, 30, has signed a six-month contract with the Durban-based team according to the Cape Times newspaper and will link with former Australian great David Campese, who will have an assistant coaching role with the Sharks.

what a great pick up for the sharks brown is a class player and should be able to run the backlin well.

this gud news really...i really think some nz players should really look at australian and sth.a teams and really take advantage of that ruling

its like 3 foreigners per team aye?....

so if it is money based id reckon kiwis should look to aussie and sth africa instead of the north so they still can be under the watchful eye of the ab selectors and also enjoy a refreshing start to footy closer to home

good find e'soldier
not sure chiro mate on what the rules are but nz teams are generally limited to 2 -3 overseas player as the super 12 is for the all blacks and the nzrfu wants as many nz players in the team as possible. Also chiro if a nz player goes overseas is good bye to all black dreams they won't be selected. Is interesting though maybe this will be the new trend for the older players they will go to other super 14 countries instead of the north.
that just sux...guys like reihana are carving up in the north and there experience especially against northern international teams is valuable and will rub off in the nz ab camp

nzrfu are so stupid and greedy....its not our fault younger players blossom and push them over seas....

id have reihana and spencer back anytime..we got a lotta talent i know..

but them being there and playing against players from all european teams is very valuable and wud help the abs grow

so stupid

good to see him back in the s14, but pitty it wasnt in nz, but then again, he wouldnt make the cut here...

The only problem I have is the Sharks aren't producing enough home grown Natal talent.