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Button config PC done...



Is there anyone who knows how to change controllers config? I have a usb converter to play with Playstation controllers on the pc but the button config is horrible (passes with L1 and L2). There is a excel file in the game dir but does it affect the game ?
Yes you can change the numbers for the type of controller you have! i have messed about with it and it does change the keys but i gave up with it lol other things to do on the GAME.
What you need to do is get a Logitech Rumblepad 2 from Amazon for about a tenner. That's what I did and now I can play the game hassle-free :)
As i have about 5 or 6 ps2 gamepads i don't want to buy any for pc. So i only need to change the numbers in the excel file ?
The programmers were silly to put these c**p buttons and no button config in the options !!! :%#%#: :wall:
I hope it works with the multitap : :huh:
i may be able to make one, i might do it today when i am bored at work! the only thing is you will have to do it manually cause i am screwed if i am going to program it so you can use the buttons on your controller :)

you will also need to know what controller you have. if not it will not work

again this is all subject to if i have time at wrok as well
if someone can send me the .csv file would be greatly appreciated. i dont have it at work as i uninstalled the game off my laptop. dont play it as much as i used to
yeah still havnt got one to use :p

anyone? it will take me a couple of hours to program it an make it "user friendly" it will no doubt be even more basic than my editor :)
but your editor is carp !!! lol :)
seriously i've got one thing to say is that when you put the window in full size, you don't have access to the bottom of the page, the save button and the tackling ability otherways its great. still no news for the star ability (if you found it in the game as u said it was deep).

by the way i saw that it was supposed to be "impact player ab" but not only, i've tried to put 98 in kick power on a normal player, he doesn't kick half distance of what carter or wilkinson do with their little yellow star !!!
***uslechmakus, looks like the csv file you sent me doest work properly i can get it all setup and i will have to find my game to install it again to make sure it works.

anyone know what the filename is meant to be called?

try that

you will need to move the controltypes2.csv into the base directory of rugby 06. you will also need to change it to the csv number it is meant to be.

also there is no way that i am changing it so use your controller to map the buttons, i cant be screwed. that should make it easy to change them, if you know what type of controller you have. let me know how it goes cause i cant/wont test it ;)
ill try this week end and i'll tell you the result on monday. any way thanks a lot


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