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Well I went into Electronic Boutique in Manukau and played the demo.

It was a PS2 version.

My thoughts:
Great game. Lots more variety in the gameplay than R2004 (but we knew this)
Defence is a major key to master if you are to have any sort of success. Like Madden you have to actually master this properly and have your own developed defensive strategies.
Tactics seems to be a major factor in how you run the ball rather than freestyle willy nilly throw caution to the wind. Again the strategy for this will have to be developed (fantastic).

However....my thoughts on the PS2 version was that the FRAMERATE is grossly unacceptable for todays technology. The poor PS2 proccessor was struggling juggling all those numbers and it showed. Like SJRL you may accept it at first until you play a game with a smoother framerate and then you will never play it again (if you don't believe me then play WCR followed by SJRL on PS2 and then you will understand).

Now I realise there is a lot of debate about the poor XBox layout compared to the PS2. But this is sooooooooo wrong.

The PS2 button config is INFERIOR to th XBox

The PS2 controller has the speed button as R2 (below the right pass of R1). This means that you now have to master having both your right forefinger and middle finger permanently hovering on those rigft shoulder pads. This creates the unatural stabilising of the right side of your control pad as it is now relying on resting on your right ring finger as its main support. If you try playing this you will see that it is most unatural and creates balance problems when the right thumb leaves the control pad as it switches from analogue stick to pad buttons.

The XBox version does not have this problem as the passing is controlled by the x and b (similar to the pre-JLR games like "World Cup '95"). This leaves the right index finger uninhibited to control the speed button while the right side of the pad rests on the right middle finger (what we are already used to). The right thumb has total control of passing, kicking, barging, stepping, etc which is not a clash of buttons as none of these moves do you actually do simultaneously as a combination (unlike speed button and step button, etc). This makes the XBox version an easier setup to play with ergonomically once you get the hang of the controls.

The XBox control pad layout is superior and you will all be saying this 6 months from now.

Also the XBox graphics and framerate are excellent. Only the XBox gives R2005 justice. Otherwise you do not get the full experience.
I'm enjoying my PS2 just fine. I also have strong pinky fingers -- years, years of strength training for the little finger olympics -- so the controller feels fine.
gay-guy ... while your opinion probably carries more weight and value then most on this board I'm gonna have to say that there is no way I am gonna prefer an Xbox controller (be it a S-controller or the smaller again Mad Catz controller or whatever) to a PS2 controller

personally I find the layout of buttons on the PS2 (and the controller balance/natural feeling) just as good as I find it with PES4, where I use the same number of buttons on pretty much the same frequency

... now perhaps I'm a bit disjointed ergonomically, but kudos to you for giving another great view on things

(I'm never gonna stop loving my black box more then my green one)
Fair enough.

The PS2 setup will only work for those who have mastered using the PS2 pad with both 4 fingers on the shoulder pad buttons (like yourself). Less gifted or novices (like me) will find the XBox setup a whole lot more comfortable. (I never mastered two fingers at once on one of the shoulder sides for JLR. I put one finger vertically down the shoulder to press both buttons at the same time).

But have you seen the XBox graphics and framerate for this game?

I agree about the PS2 pad in general. I too think it is way better than those XBox ones. Though I think the PS2 button mapping for R2005 could have been different (triangle as turbo, etc). If you look at PES4, it has the main passing as the buttons on the pad rather than the shoulder buttons. There may have been an uproar if they made lob and ground pass as L1 and R1 respectively whilst keeping R2 as the speed button.
I always used R2 to sprint in 2004. No problem for me.

Anyway regardless of the button config, those xbox controllers make me want to cut off my fingers and stick them in my ears.
yeah the graphics look a lot superior to the PS2 version... but (it must be because I'm so used to PS2 games), I seem to like the way the graphics on a PS2 are softer (or dulled down if you like) and not as sharp (or stark sometimes) as a PC/Xbox can give

for game FSP's I would not get them for the PS2 as the level of detail is usually needed, but for my sports games I've just got used to the softer edges (or so they appear to me)

I do recommend the Mad Catz control pad for the Xbox tho (the one smaller then the Xbox S-controller), I've got 2 of these and 2 green S-controller's and it makes Halo 2 a dream to play on (4 player system link)

it all depends on what system you prefer/are used to... if you play Xbox, you'll get used to the control system and find it 2nd nature... its all relative one might say

oh... and yeah (big yeah) to Munster for signing Lima for the rest of the season... he's the first change to the squads I'll make !!!
I live in nz and am curious as to how you got play the xbox version, I have pre ordered my copy on xbox and would love to know where I could play the xbox demo if there is one, is it at the game shop or have you some how got the full version?
Sorry but I have only played the PS2 demo. I am taking my info on the XBox version from what I have seen on TV about it (they showed them playing an XBox version) and from what others in NZ (the South Islander journalist guy - jgough) who have played the XBox version have said about it on TRF.

GG, I respect your opinion too much to get the PS2 version. I was tending slightly towards the PS2 version (As I don't own the Xbox in this house), and after Lionmauls little review of the Xbox version I was undecided, but now, I'm definitely getting the Xbox version.

Damn, I have to find my copy of Rugby 2004 to get ready to trade it in at EB.

Apparantly I will get $21 for it!!! And almost $30 for WCR!!!
As long as you are happy with it. Hate to see people make a bad decision (my mate bought R2004 after just playing it for 3 minutes).

I was going to buy the PS2 version too. But after playing that version at the store I couldn't help feeling slightly underwhelmed. I thought "Was that it?" Also my fingers on my right hand were getting tangled.

In the end.........try BOTH before you buy. You may change your mind again.


GG - you're funny!!

The Xbox will have slightly better graohics for sure...but I'm a little disappointed you didn't seek world domination on JLR with the four-finger on the top and the TWO fingers supporting either side (little fingers and the thrid finger - the one immediately beside it)...same technique for Maddens etc....crucial! Sudden opening ...STEP/split-second fend..break downfield..
same with quarterback to put away the pass icons and run and then unleash n R1 pas etc...It allows you to cover all buttons. You'll prefer it to the XBox I reckon.

BUT - If you like the better graphics and will get used to that Xbox pad layout or even (
) ...like it.....then I say go for it!

We must all looooovvveeee are copies - whatever type.

Just get a big screen if you ahven't got one...b/c otherwise it seems too far away I've heard...you'll already know. (I haven;t even seen demo yet).
I have Xbox too,
and i'd like to know how make a tactic after a maul?
I saw on videos that when you choose a tactic, buttons appear on different offense players but i don't know how to do that?

Please help a poor frensh guy!!
Theres already a thread about how to do set moves from a ruck, have a look back a page or 2.

As for ps2 or xbox? I was quite surprised how well the ps2 version runs (compard to Stacey Jones, makes me shudder just thinking about it) it is actually quite impressive, but having said that, I own a ps2 and an xbox and I have noticed that the ps2 hit a brick wall a while back, while the xbox's graphics seem to continually up the bar an impress me when I get a new game. I couldnt care less about controls, Ill get used to them quick enough while Im admiring the smooth frame rate and awsome graphics!

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