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Calling Auckland R2005 Players


Los Lover

Ah JLR multi-player.....


<<silent appreciation moment>>

<<another quick one for ETs rugby league>>



where's the emoticon for wiping a tear from the eye!!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHHHH!!!....**** totally forgot....sorry....man i was bizzy as hell on saturday i forgot..i had to cover for my mates team but he didnt pick me up the *******
.....then we had to check out this place my cousin owns in da whops...they not lookin after my cuzzys property she rented out to dem(shes currently staying in aussie)...her property is near the freakin COROMANDEL!!!!!...**** 4hour drive their and back but was well worth it for as 2 chicks that stayed there were cutie maori country chicks
...wit sexy as accents and beyounce like legs
...the drive was freakin murderous...people down there drive
120kz i swear......anywayz after that bout 7 i got home i went to my mates party in western springs and ended up in grey lynn the next morning.....
i still dont know how i got there
...i also found out that alcohol and food is not a great mix...and while i was eating chips and dip and scouling down alize(this stuffs beauty)...i ended up making my own chip dip.....

SO SORRY...MY APOLOGIES BRO...next saturday i might be bizzy even more!!!!
im playing club footy so....sunday?...nahhh...school holidays cmon up but i dont go to school so
.....**** im bizzy...i dont know what to do....ur thoughts?


Anytime.....it is up to you.

I am free in the evenings everynight.

Free Saturday and Sunday

Free the School Holidays (remember I am a teacher)

So the rugby ball is in your court.

After I recover from my whipping (still in mourning) then i will post up what was happening in my thrashings and see if you have any ideas how to counter these strategies. They were coming thick and fast when i was playing that i didn't have time to think...........now i can reflect on it and see what i was doing wrong (everything).

Los Lover

I have now played a couple of tri series multiplayer (play now with NZ and OZ 3 times over)

My brother who is a freakishly talented 14 year old gamer....I taught him everything hehe! but he has gone crazy! - he had been playing, si I said hey let's play multi-player.


It was primo! Step and evrything works - holy awesome!!


I said

"OK! I'kk go easy on you - you be the ABs I'll be.......ummmm......ooh! The PIs - never played with..."


26 - 5

so step up to Barbarians -

ass handed to me.....

26 - 14

hang on...this is BS!

So we go into the aforementioned tri series........well.........he had pumped up Gear on the field....and of course regular ass-wipe Howlett.....

BUT still, with OZ, I was taken down in the series!!! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!
Although I got to grips with it and his illegal styles (learnt from NRL) and tactics and employed a few of my own that worked pretty well! Failed miserably in last game though - too excited and went with Sailor instead of Rogers on wing - bad choice!

NZ - 21 12 - OZ

OZ - 28 26 - NZ

NZ - 26 0 - OZ (my darkest hour........but tucker was out and was distracted!)

it's good fun.....

no doubt.

You really have to play your opponent....as much as the team...

recommend playing with level on normal so that you are encouraged to make the bulk of the tackles...AI not as good.

great fun.


OK....here were some of the things that my in law did to me that you will never see the computer do to you.

First the crazy SJRL defensive tactic of winding up your tackler earlier by moving him to build momentum while waiting for the ball to clear the ruck and then releasing him to turbo at you just barely staying onside. This flying defender is hard to counter when you use the hot potato pass off the first five as he just moves to your second five and the second gets a hospital.......CRUNCH!!! I tried chucking an inside ball BUT 40 percent of these passes are under pressure so.........FORWARD PASS!!! The sidestep to accelerate away still got run down, the fend with the first five.....well, when was the last time you saw a first five fending
The dummy never sells to a diving tackle.

So what i did was I tried the forwards......hospital....CRUNCH!!!! then i tried using the forwards on the other side of the ruck from the player he had chosen to wind up with momentum.....still the hospital.....CRUNCH!!!! (he converted and still had time to hospitalise me). Then tried pick and go..........CRUNCH with the wound up player (he just brought him in closer to the ruck to smash me, so he covers EVERYBODY when he winds up a player). He picks where the ball is going (pick n go/ short/ long/ halfback kick) very early and meets most of the receivers at hospital time. I even tried pick n go an looping around to the OTHER side but this was covered a lot by the AI loosies. The pick n go pass immediately only worked occassionally but most times it was crunch. Therefore I was forced to quickly spin it wide to avoid the flyer but he had chosen a defence that covered the outsides so it was NEVER an overlap.

The only success I had was to try and beat the flyer ONE on ONE with the FIRST FIVE by cutting in. This is because he sent his flyer pushing out to follow/ cover the entire backline if I spread it. However cutting back in with the first five was not 100% successful as there were loosies to contend with, sometimes he would follow me back in and tackle........so it was a bit of a guess game. The times when he did choose to go the wrong way I was able to head back out behind him and link up again with my backs.

I did notice that he often chose someone who was quick (Giteau for instance) as his first five. For attack or defensive reasons i think.

What I want to know regarding defeating this defensive strategy is HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR SECOND RECEIVER GET HIS HOT POTATO PASS AND STAY OUT? When i gave a hot potato pass to my second receiver too many times he ran ono the ball inwards straight into the flyer.....CRUNCH!!!!

I already have theories for this but I can't test it out as i won't hire the game till the weekend. They are:

Choose inside backs that are NOT crash ball specialists.
Fiddle with the left stick before the pass....perhaps holding it somewhere will change the angle run by the second receiver.
Don't touch the speed button (or touch the speed button).
Maybe these strange angles that the second reciever runs are the mysteries of the "Quick Set Play" that Sharks Fan mentioned before when he read it in those files?

Tommorow I will post another strategy that he used on me

Any ideas? Is there a genius at play out there?

Los Lover

You just bluff your opponent and hope your instincts and skill are better.....

pressure any weakness - be it scrum or line-out - or kicking under pressure...

- use the SJRL technique on him!

- your cut back in, as far as I've experienced, is the best option and then, when he is sure to expect you to do it again you don't....

- when the second reciever takes the hot potato pass angle the stick and hot potato pass it a second time....

- step in and back out often with the centres and wingers/FB and keep the ball alive.....

- employ r3 with solid enough timing that you hardly ever get penalised unless you would have lost it for sure...which would have happened anyway.

I look at the multi=player game as a series of decisions that need to be correct ina row making up the game as an overall entity.

defense it tough but I got better as I learnt his patterns and the patterns most successful and cut my defenders back and forth in anticipation of the most likely thing to occur or the most common thing to be tried in any given situation.

My biggest tip would be to hold off in the backline a lot if you are unsure to stop big breaks and keep your line intact.....essential in certain situations in MP as the winger can break if you dive too early and come up short (literally!! hehe!)



and use step stick move - it works well against a diving defense and is very....VERY satisfying...


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