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Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by ollybarkley, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. ollybarkley

    ollybarkley Guest

    Does anyone think Callum Bruce might ever get a look with the All Blacks? I've seen a couple of his matches with the Chiefs and I thought he looked like a decent player, even if he isn't very consistent. He sure is dynamic and offers a bit of skills and kicking game to go with decent running and defence.

    I wonder if Stephen Brett is going to take his opportunity.
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  3. punkbrain

    punkbrain Guest

    I'm not sure if C.Bruce is test match material but the all blacks are currently in need of a second five eighth with a solid kicking game.....Bruce is a good no.12 but i seriously dont think he's in the frame.....I think the all blacks will be looking at players like S.Brett,T.Bateman,B.Stanley or they could consider S.Donald or push Carter out 1 position and hand S.Donald the jersey!!....having said all this I just hope someone is given a chance to prove himself in the 12 jersey during the European tour!!

    U never know with Henry these days do ya!.....he could pick someone the public dont expect to be there or go with his same old policy of playing players out of position!
  4. jawmalawm24

    jawmalawm24 Guest

    To be honest Callum Bruce has potential but like alot of players just faded away and he hasn't really been playing very good lately. Just like Chris Smylie he was 2005 NPC player of the year next minute he's never heard of again I don't even know what team he plays for or if he plays anymore.

    I don't know what it is but for some reason as soon as they're named in the Nz Maori they're never heard of again just look at what happened to Christian Cullen he never went to a Rugby World Cup and neither has Piri Weepu they just got tossed to the side. Also haven't heard much about Stephen Brett you wanna know why? yep you guessed it because he played for the Nz Maori. What about Jason Eaton whatever happened to him oh that's right he played for the Nz Maori.

    Flippin Racialist lol.
  5. punkbrain

    punkbrain Guest

    Believe me bro......C.Bruce will never be considered 4 the 10 my opinion only 3 players are worthy enough to wear the All Black no.10 jersey!

  6. ollybarkley

    ollybarkley Guest

    Here's hoping that he doesn't push Carter out to accomodate Donald. I think Donald had a great S14, but I still think Carter is the form 10 in the world... and you don't push that person out to accomodate another player. Ma Nonu is a good player, but I don't think he's a international 12, especially not to partner Carter. I think the battle is on for the next #12 between Bruce and Brett...and possibly McAllister when he comes back from Sale.
  7. punkbrain

    punkbrain Guest

    Yeah i think Carter should stick to the 10 Jersey....he's the best in the business!!

    What about players like A.Bankroft or J.Wilson for the 12 jersey!

    What about D.Sweeney for 12???...........he had a great against the Crusaders this year.....and he's got a good kicking game and solid on defence!!
  8. ollybarkley

    ollybarkley Guest

    I think Sweeney is a great prospect for the future...looked pretty decent at 15 for the Maori. I don't see him as a better fit than Bruce for 12, but a partnership of those two at 12 and 13 is certainly a dynamic sounding midfield combination. Kaului and Bruce were quite nice for the Chiefs too.

    Chiefs 2009 Backline

    9 Leonard
    10 Donald
    11 Miluiana
    12 Bruce
    13 Kalui
    14 Mesaga
    15 Sweeney
  9. Number10

    Number10 Guest

    Callum Bruce is AWFUL!!! He is largely responsible for Waikato's terrible form at present and will never ever be considerred for the All Blacks ever. Another who is not helping Waikato's form is Dwayne Sweeney who seems to be the gate through our backline.

    I think that Stephen Donald should have been given more time in the 10 jersey and moved Carter to 12 so that the master can guide him. I dont think Donald is the greatest player but when Cater leaves to the Northern Hemisphere we dont have a ready replacement to just step in. At the moment Im actually liking what I see from Lachie Munro who I thought was just a flash in the pan when he came on the scene a few years back but has awesome skills and has bulked up to look the goods. He is still very young so Im looking forward to see how he goes in the next couple of years.

    Oh someone said something about Chris Smylie, he is North Harbours top halfback which is where he was originally from and Christian Cullen played in the 1999 World Cup but at centre which again was a failure. Whats up with turning fullbacks in centres???
  10. HarryPeters

    HarryPeters Guest

    Thank you Number10 it had to be said.

    Bruce isnt even up to Waikato standards at the moment so how the hell can you consider him as an All Black?

    Give bloody Trent Renata a go at the number 10 jersey and see where we get with that, cause at the moment Bruce doesnt deserve to be starting.
  11. jawmalawm24

    jawmalawm24 Guest

    True is that where Smylies playing far I reckon he was the man when he started playing but than bloody Leonard come out of nowhere and they gave him the honors and Smylies just faded to the background.

    As for Cullen not playing a RWC I meant Bunce f%#! knows why he never went but what is with us playing people out of position Cullen a centre than the next World Cup Leon MacDonald at centre and now we got Henry putting Rodders at blindside and Kahui out on the wing thou they have been playing pretty good there.

    What about Stephen Brett he showed alot of promise for the Crusaders and Canterbury it's just that Carters here why he isn't getting a shot at higher honors and they keep changing him from 1st to 2nd 5.
  12. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Think the ideal Chiefs 09 backline would be

    9. Leonard (All Black)
    10. Donald (All Black)
    11. Sivivatu (All Black)
    12. Bruce
    13. Kahui (All Black)
    14. Masaga (must be knocking at the door for becoming at All Black)
    15. Muiliaina (All Black)

    20. ?
    21. Sweeney
    22. Anesi

    Pity this looks nothing like the current Waikato Air NZ Cup back line.
  13. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Number10 @ Aug 18 2008, 10:05 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Carter is only going to miss the Super 14 next year, he will be back in time for the All Blacks.

    And Bruce is ****.
  14. ChiefsFan

    ChiefsFan Guest

    THe problem, with Bruce, and I'm sure he realises this, is that he keeps getting shoved into that Number 10 jersey. Callum Bruce is not, howver, a number 10. He is a twelve. If you'd been watching Waikato recently (as some like HP and N10 would be), you would have seen Bruce playing horribly, not kicking well, bad decision making - it's all there. Funnily enough, as soon as Donald returns and takes the 10 jersey Bruce moves into 12 and plays his best game of the season. Bruce, like Tasesa Lavea play much better at twelve than at ten as they don't handle the pressure of decision making well. Almost like Donald was a few years ago until David Hill gave him a few good pointers (gamewise) and showed him how to control a game. Of course, Hill pushed Donald and now Donald is almost the opposite. He plays much better at 10, with a good kicker at twelve. That's why he had some shitty games for the Chiefs last year, without Bruce or Lavea he wasn't able to relieve some of the pressure (which is why I don't think Donald will be partnered with Nonu at second five anytime soon). Back on the topic of Callum Bruce, if he's to make the All Blacks it will not be at 10, but at twelve.
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