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Camera angles



My 2 favorites
1) Side Cam
2) Broadcast

I like both of them and I would be gutted if my preferred choice was not there. Side cam looks alot like JLR to me, so I am not to sure why some people are gutted seeing that we all loved JLR.
yeah i like those ones too they are the best looking to me - especially braodcast.
i dont kno wat the fuss is all about........broadcast view is playable. u jus hav 2 get used to it is all.side cam speaks for itself but wat ****** me off was that classic view. doesnt it remind u ov rugby 2004? GOD PLEASE KILL THAT GAME.
I like the side view. My only problem with it is that it might be trickier to judge kicks.

My major problem with Classic 2 is that the players standing on the far 22 appear to be the same size as the players standing on 10m line this side of half way.

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