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Can happen to anyone



Well, I went up the pub to watch Arsenal v Spurs today and got shock bit of news. It turns out that a friend of mine last night was killed when the bike he was riding pillion on hit a lamp post. According to the papers, the guy who was riding the bike was unscathed and ran off, but my friend (who I won't name because nowhere else has so it may be sensitive or something else to do with laws) was killed on the scene.

The moral of this story kids; Always wear a helmet on a bike. And don't get onto a bike after the pub.

Or failing that, don't know me. People I know tend to get themselves killed.
Two of my cousins have been killed on motorcycles.

Lesson: Don't get on a motorcycle.
So Sorry to hear it mate

Life does tease and torment us in so many ways, I have been fortunate to not have any direct incidents happen to people I know, but I never want to speak to soon.

Recently a couple of friends of friends, got killed when they rolled their car on a dual carrageway luckily they took just themselves with them and never hit anyone else. This was entirely there fault as they were driving at over 100mph. but thats about the closest thing that has happend to anyone I know.
One of my close lan party mates died on a motorcycle last year. We've just held a one year anniversary.

I'm sorry mate.
Two of my cousins have been killed on motorcycles.

Lesson: Don't get on a motorcycle. [/b]

Sorry for the loss of your friend Teh Mite. Its one thing to lose someone through natural death, but it's quite another thing as a result of an accident.

I've had 4 friends die in 4 years...3 in car crashes...I know how you feel :(

Have you talked about it to other friends in person? I found it helps.

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