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Can rugby 2006 be significantly improved upon?



I've been thinking about the much anticipated rugby 2007 game and going through my mind what changes need to be made, especially with regards to the quality of gampley for the single player. Up front my concern is that purely on a gameplay level, rugby 2007 won't be a significant step up from rugby 2006, similar to the fact there hasn't been a siginficant change between fifa's latest ventures.

I fear that the mould has been set as far as gameplay is concerned, and from here on in, the next versions will only add more bells and whistles. In my opinion, its far to early for this to happen, and more fundamental areas need to be addressed first.

As we all know, the gameplay for the single player in rugby 2006 was pretty good, although after extended play becomes one dimensional and repetative. Some say this is a product of any single player game, and that sad b%^$^ds like me should start playing multiplayer! However I disagree. PES5 provides an incredably diverse and challenging game on single player, and I don't see any reason why a rugby game can't do the same, however challenging it may be for progammmers.

I would say its more likely HB will tweak 2006 in areas such as the ball physics, passing model, animations, graphics, ruck mechanics, setplays etc but overall it will play the same to 2006. The result? we'll all start getting bored of the game pretty quickly.

I think to retain interest from current fans and those new to the game, the game needs an overhhaul, and a siginificant step up in all areas of gameplay from AI, both defensive and offensive, player responsiveness and control, the fundamental mechanics that make gameplay intuative and fun to play. At the momment theirs a long way to go, although I still take my hat off to HB, 2006 is a great effort.

2007 needs to be as significant a step up as 2006 was to 2004. Anything less than this I suspect will be a disappointment to many people.

So I repeat myself - I think there is still much work to be done on the more fundamental parts of the game mechanics, rather than bells and whistles.

What do you guys think?

hum i don't get fed up of the game but i think the defensive aspect of the game has been quite badly managed. i've done 6N all star vs tri nation all star (by using mods but you can edit the lineup by winning all trophies in elite mod or use evol's unlock profile and create your team even if the kit hasen't been made) and i won 42-0 ... in elite ... that shows the limits of the game ... such a game should end by 25-25 or something like that. and i don't like the front row gameplay in attack in this game... i find it useless.
the matches are unrealistic : too many tries and too few goalkicks compared to real matches ...

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