Can someone help me identify this film?

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by TRF C A Iversen, Jun 21, 2010.

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    <style></style>I have had a question gnawing at my brain on and off for years. I remember a film from when I was a little boy that I can't for the life of me find anything on, anywhere on the internet.

    I'm good with search engines and have tried every possible combination of words which relate to my memories with no luck. I'd like you to help me if possible identify this movie which is driving me crazy.

    Here's what I remember.

    There was a big building out in a wooded country area. It was kind of like a secluded hotel.

    People were in the hotel who couldn't seem to get out. It was like doors and rooms wouldn't lead them where they were supposed to go.

    I'm not sure but I think they might have come across people on their way through the hotel who had been there for a long time and were as desperate as they were to find their way out.

    There was some kind of dying old, old man, (or something like that), that looked like almost zombie-like monster and I think it was hooked up to things which kept it alive for some reason. At some point I think some characters had tried to kill him/it (possibly by stabbing) and weren't able to.

    From memory he/it appeared near the last 20-30 mins of the film and was the cause of the warped reality and labyrinthine nature of the hotel or building.

    Eventually 2-3 characters got out, it was part of a family (I think). They got into a car and drove off and are feeling really jubilant, only for them to realise that they cant get away and all roads lead back to the hotel/building.

    I really hope this isn't something my 4-6 year old mind conjured up when I saw it (i'd of had to have been really messed up).

    I'm 35 now and think it was between 1979-1981 that I saw it and I'm pretty sure it was on TV, (there's no way I would've seen the somewhat gory things I saw at that age at the movies). It might have been a movie released in theatres some years earlier and just then being screened on TV.

    Please help me if you or anyone else knows what this movie is called.
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    Not being able to escape from hotels was all the rage back then - The Shining and ...

    Sorry, can't identify the film.

    (That's an old sig you used to use - surprised her paps haven't sagged a bit in the meantime.)
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