Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jimmy44, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Any ideas on whether you can adjust the stats of existing teams or players in rugby 2005?

    Is it similar to rugby 2004 wherby you can create new players and add them to existing teams?

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  3. jgough

    jgough Guest

    Thats what I found. You can create a new player and add him to your roster.

    But I couldn't find a way to edit current players or teams.


    Jamie Gough
  4. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Sorry to b thick but do you mean you can create a player and add him to an existing squad e.g England or do you have to create a whole new team?

  5. jgough

    jgough Guest

    No thats okay.

    No, not create a whole new team.

    Just create player then add him to your roster (squad).

    Jamie Gough
  6. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Thanks Jamie - to be honest thats ok, Rugby 2004 was the same. You couldn't actually adjust a player's existing stats. Techically you were creating a new player and adding him to a team. I still think there should be an option to change the stats of a team without having to create new players.

  7. disco123

    disco123 Guest

    Sorry if know this , but Mr Gough wanted to know about the Fifa editor, you could update player rosters by something called Squad management and then you could add players by the create player mode. I don't know how many players you can add however. I have only mentioned this because the players in the xbox screenshots from the create player mode are almost identical to the fifa players , dodgy mullets and all. So i'm guessing as they used the same engine they'll be v.similar.Also as I said in JG's thread the players cut shots have the same celebrations as Fifa 2005 [​IMG]
  8. Brumbies_05

    Brumbies_05 Guest

    The worst thing is in 2004 create a player was so simply because there was like 4 faces but to get the player looking the same in 2k5 is going to be hard.
  9. jgough

    jgough Guest

    I know nothing about Fifa. I think I played Fifa '98 once, and, as you can probably guess, a hell of a long time ago.

    Like I've said before, Rugby 2005 isn't outstanding, but it is good, and is worth buying, and will be a bit of fun.

    It is everthing that Rugby 2004 promoised, but didn't deliver. Rugby 2005 delivers. Not over and above - but delivers.

    Jamie Gough
  10. Gandalf

    Gandalf Guest

    Yeah, and some of the player models were AWFUL!
    Just look at what they made Breyten Paulse look like, ie. bald and with a moustache. Awful i tell you
  11. 187

    187 Guest

    Oh my god that is going to suck if u cant edit current players!!! coz then the teams stats will stay the same and u wont be able to edit them, coz surely they wud hav got sum of the more unknown players stats wrong... like they wud hav just had a guess at sum of the more unknown players stats which we cud hav corrected... shattered if thats the case!
    the only way you'll be able to change their overall stats is put better players in the team or create new ones!!!! Stink!!!!
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