Can you get better then the orange box?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by jinxed_nz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. jinxed_nz

    jinxed_nz Guest

    So yeah I just finished playing through episode 1 and 2 and portal and gad damn i want more!!!! I dont think I have been that satisfied with a game purchase in a very very long time.. maybe gta:vice city was the last?? Does anyone else share this view with me? Cant wait for episode 3 and the games following that!

    Cake anyone?

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  3. Jimmy0

    Jimmy0 Guest

    I will agree with you there, I got it on Christmas day and have clocked over 150 hours of TF2 already. :blink: lol
  4. It's an excellent game with great value for money. I was kind of glad to finish HL2 as I thought it went on for too long but Episode 1 and 2 were enthralling.
  5. jinxed_nz

    jinxed_nz Guest

    yeah i had already finished HL2 before i got the orange box so i would agree with you there. HL2 is a tad long. Having said that... so it HL1 i dont think i have properly finished that before. But im not complaining, most games these days are too damn short!
  6. esoj

    esoj Guest

    orange box is simply superb value for the money. tf 2 is pretty awesome and the new goldrush map with the mine cart will be awesome when valve finally release it.
  7. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

  8. Aspect

    Aspect Guest

    Have they added more maps for TF2? There were only a few i heard.
  9. jinxed_nz

    jinxed_nz Guest

  10. esoj

    esoj Guest

  11. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I didn't really care that HL2 was pretty long, I don't like games that are pretty short that I can finish within one sitting in an evening. Half Life 2 took me about a good week maybe two to finish in hour long sittings at University and I liked that, it was something to look forward to and because on a technical gameplay level it was perfect, I know I'd never get bored.

    I still replay it once every other month, the replay value of it is that good. When Episode 3 comes out, I'm going to play HL2, EP1 & 2 all over again.

    I think after long last, Consoles have that killer first person shooter to actually rave about.

  12. darknasty

    darknasty Guest

    Orange box rocks!!!
  13. jinxed_nz

    jinxed_nz Guest

    The sad thing is, games like Half life are slowly starting to dissapear. Basically because game developers would be stupid not to make a multi platform game. This means that real good quality FPS are not quite as good as hey could be. Take COD4 for example. If it was PC only you could be sure that the single player would have been longer and the multiplayer updates would come a lot quicker.

    However I guess this didnt work with Crysis, I was extreamly dissapointed with that game. AHHH I just want the PC days back. maybe in a couple of years when the consoles get a bit old.
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