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Cannon confirmes injury forced retirement


Sad to see another retirement in Australia.. (Andew Johns :()

At least you still have Jeremy and Tai
Yup, out.

Think he'll be remembered most for laying one on Mealamu ;)
I think he'll be more remembered for what happened to his face AFTER laying one on Mealamu.
i reckon i wus just going to say and then post the infamous picture

..it is very sad to see these incidents happen though...best of luck to him and his future...
Urm to be honest I think its quite disrespectful to be saying yes he's gone. This man has lost his livelihood and probably the only thing he may be good at. His injury could have meant him dying. To be honest I might have gone quite serious but I play in the front row and I dont want to lose my chance to walk like that.

Whether or not he was a good player is whether to be seen. But to lose tour career like that must be tough.
Indeed Cymro... it is rather sad that Cannon (or anyone) to retire through injury.

Read somewhere that Steve Thompson has also retired because of injury.

I wish both guys the best in their recovery and good luck.