captainamerica,usa and canada guys?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by DC, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. DC

    DC Guest

    okay just was wondering if you have yet found any places with rugby 06 yet.. i just called my local best buy, and 3 gamestops and none of them have it in.. they dont even know if theyll get it in! just to let you guys know ive had trouble finding it..

    if you dont have any info thats fine, im going to most likely buy it off the internet..
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  3. picked mine up at eb games.

    they have a store locator on their website, just put your zip code in if you don't know where your nearest is.

    30 bucks.


    just realized that eb and gamestop are virtually one and the same. still, there might be an eb near you that has it and a gamestop that doesn't.

    good luck.
  4. nufan

    nufan Guest

    im in canada and our local futureshop (canada only) has it in stock (according to their website)

    above post is correct also EB Games would be a good start, i havent checked this year but they got rugby 2005 in pretty fast (only place i could get it that i could find)
  5. DC

    DC Guest

    yep no more eb's around here, funny thing is the one i called said they would get it today, but then i called today and they said they didnt have it..
  6. DC

    DC Guest

    felt that maybe different employees would be working and maybe they wyould try harder... they probly say rugby 2006... this sucks...
  7. unfortunately, most of these employees (nice, as they might be) just won't personally be interested in this game and therefore go about it looking for it half-ass.

    it could be under some boxes in the back. (i speak from retail experience)
  8. DC

    DC Guest

    :D yea it ****** me off i called one gamestop down by the local mall and i said hey do you guys have rugby 06 in stock.. and then shes like no we dont have it.. didnt look or anything!!

    its bullshit

    o well they say on there store locator/in stock that shipments are on the way
  9. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    maybe she had had people askign all day, or new it wasn't out til (whenever its out)

    you never know :p
  10. lamas

    lamas Guest

    i'm planning to buy for pc from this guy: seems legit to me. a bit cheaper than the only other places i've found that will ship to the US.
  11. DC

    DC Guest

  12. ak47

    ak47 Guest


    its a great feeling isnt it

    bolting down to the shops with $$$...... :cheers:
  13. DC

    DC Guest

    sure is! the guy on the phone was a real douchebag though..
  14. to be expected.

    i kinda wanted to say as much - that they were shipping on the 14th, and that some parts of the country wouldn't actually receive it until the 16th.

    enjoy it, dc. let us know whatcha think.
  15. DC

    DC Guest

    alright got it a few hours ago

    heres my thoughts

    the game is amazing!

    the free flow with the addition of offloads is simply amazing..

    im 1-2 in WL right now and just got rid of heffler because he sucks..

    i dont have time to comment further as of right now because im busy playing!

    and ive seen fog,and rain playing as ulster in WL
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