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    The Fast and The Furious has a lot to answer for. Modificationson cars and bikes can look good sometimes, as seen in these examples below;

    And some can be crazy looking, making them the ultimate Bling accessory;

    However, some veichles can only your mouth with two words; Oh dear. For example, use this Corsa for example, supposedly the most expensive modified car in the UK;


    Thankfully it didn't last long.


    But the worst examples must be the "Home mods". I am of course refering to beauties such as these;


    Oh my. However, all of these are forgivable compared to what I will now show you. This is so bad, it even made Mr. T cry.


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  3. getofmeland

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  4. melon

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    That yellow pile of chunder is the most disgusting Mercedes I have ever seen.
  5. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Man some of those cars are ugly as hell. Haha i thought this forum was going 2 be about the N64 racing game Carmageddon where you ran over people foe extra points.
  6. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    That game was awesome, I had the Original I think it was on PC and one of the things you could do was get a Spring Weapon, and if when you fired it, it would send the random peds flying in the air. I don't think I ever actually won a race, but I never once failed to take out every single man, woman and child on the map.

    Is that a bad sign?
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