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Caucau Eligible for Rugby World Cup



Under IRB Regulations 21, if any player has been suspended from all levels of rugby, he can still be selected in any National team preparing for a tournament.

The rule further on says that he can travel with the team, but will not be allowed to train with the players until his suspension is lifted.

So legally speaking Caucau can still be selected into the FMF Flying Fijians squad, but will not train with the team until after September 14th when his suspension is lifted.

National 15’s Coach Ilivasi Tabua earlier mentioned that there could be changes to the 30 member squad traveling to France as the final list is due to be submitted to the IRB by the 14th of next month.

It is also understood, that Caucau has been given a special training program to follow.

The FMF Flying Fijians take on Japan in its first pool encounter on September 13.

Well the Fiji Rugby Union have their own guidelines set in place as well and there's say he can't.
Would love to see him at the world cup as there are few better broken field runners (except maybe cullen). However, he seemed seriously overweight last season so don't know how much of the magic will still be there. Having said that think he still scored a shed load of tries in the french league, so he must have retained a certain amount of speed and flair.
i think he should lose weight and stop being a prick...and actually focus on playing rugby at his potential which could get the fijian team into the quaters...that is what he is capable of doing...but hes just a very fast refridgerator and he runs faster then prestwicks mouth...at the moment he sucks better than prestwicks mother
lol ouch!

rupeni is the equivalent to a higher class rich folkes, where they think they're better than everyone!
i think he should go, give fiji an extra hurdle for the big teams to have to jump over,
Look, I dont deny it the guy is awesome. I would be thrilled if he is in the team....BUT I dont want someone in the squad who thinks he's bigger than the team. We dont want big-headed players who will ruin the unity of the team.

But if he does somehow gets into the team, who am I to disagree. :p
This guy is a headache in the making for any team he plays for let alone his own country... This guy only stands by 2 rules

"1 rule for others... And the other rule for him"
I look forward to see Caucau playing in the RWC. I'd like to see him be on the opposite side of that Onohato guy. He'd probbably outplay onohato (even with the beef) but it would be interesting to see if Onohato can outrun Caucau.

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