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CauCau's back!

Damn, he' got it. I still think he needs to lose some kilos and sort out his attitude. He have been would have been a Legend by now if he wasn't so cocky. I hope he gets his **** together and hopefully we'll see him in the next world cup.
He scores the most awesome tries. And is virtually unstoppable on days he decides to play...
just watch caucau at the 2003 rugby world cup

his 3 tries were the best at the tournament by FAR
I can't believe how quick he still is even thou he's put on the beef.

If he could lose some weight he's sure to become even better than he is now.
apparently a village witch sold his soul to the devil or something in return for his talents he now has.. that's just a story i was told by a friend which almost half believable because as lazy as he is, he is a freak! how does a chubby man like himself do the things he does?
Yeah hes a freak alright. looks like he trains at kfc now but man hes still mean. he would have been one of the greatest wingers ever if he stayed in n.z. they would have kept him at his best physical condition. he is still the man though. he would of smoked habana for pace when he played for the blues. about 30 kgs lighter.
He returned to Fiji last month and won't play anymore for Agen. There were a couple of articles saying that he would be in contact with the Fiji Rugby League and may be interested in playing the RL WC later this year in Giant Rats country.
Yeah, you can't help feeling that he is one dude who never reached his potential. Hope he gets his act together and we see him help Fiji kill some more giants at RWC 2011

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