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Caught me a mouse; what to do?



I'm in Gerroa atm (pop. 500) so I find ways to amuse myself. Catching a mouse that my father's cat was in the process of eating being one of them.

The dumbshit pictured here:


Got stuck in between a cupboard and a wall, it's arse couldn't fit through so it was stuck, it's little legs on hyperdrive. I cleared out an esky, and it now sits in it with some cat food.

Anyway, soon it's going to start ******** and I don't want that, so I need to do something, here are my options.

1) There is a rather ominous looking huntsman in my room. Last night its room mate was a massive moth (we've had massive influx recently). This morning I found a wing near my boxers; the only conclusion i can draw is that it was sodomised by this big f***ing spider during the night.


Do i capture this beast of yore and put it in the esky with the mouse for a battle royale? If so who will win? The mouse is tiny yet delightfully plump (may have eaten lots of spiders). Yet this motherfarker in my room looks like a proper beast.

2) Feed it to my cat. It's been giving me conceited looks ever since i stole its dinner and I can't help but feel guilty.

3) Set it free to roam the wild

4) Anything otherwise and in-between.

I await some suggestions, take into account that i have to release the slut before my dad busts an ovary about mouse **** in his esky.

See Dan, it's not that hard to catch them!

Anyway, whatcha gonna do, Sipdda-Brother, when Mouse-a-Mainia runs wild on you?
Can I lend your Huntsman?! In fact no, not a good idea as Dillon eats spiders... In fact, I'll give Dillon to mum and dad for a few days, it's a deal!

Personally I think you should jib it off and let it go - they are pretty harmless to be fair and it's not like it has trashed the house.
I think you should eat the evidence. By which I mean you should eat the mouse as a sign that you are better than it. Which will have the beneficial side effect of scaring the spider.
Can I just ask btw, why you haven't had that spider removed? It doesn't strike me as the best housemate you could wish for.

Or, if your brave enough, and think it will not come back, put it outside, where it can be useful and eat bugs. That's what I always set out to do, in the end I just wind up killing the spider (or letting someone else do it for me), since I start panicking, since spiders don't like being lifted on a piece of cardboard, to be put outside.

You should free the mouse, but free it first, so it has time to run away really fast, so the spider doesn't eat it outside.

To give further arguments on the 'free the mousy, try and free/kill the spidy':

Nothing, I couldn't find cute spiders. And spiders freak me out :s
It's xmas soon, I'm sure they'd both make more than acceptable gifts for people you aren't exactly fond of.
But spiders will freak out if you`re trying to put it on a piece of cardboard. It`s the natural order of the universe :p !

If you want to remove a spider Laetca, you`ve got to pick it up, using your hand/s. End of. And definately not kill it. Ever. Because it generally helps controlling the mosquito populations. And an abundance of mozzies will bring the frogs to the pond. And they will, in turn, keep you up all night with their croaking. And attract snakes.

So, for the sake of having your garden eco system in an absolute state of zen, leave the spider/s in peace mate!
I'm totally in favour of letting them eat all the mosquitos, as I'm mosquitos' favourite snack, but I can't get myself to actually put the spider outside. Or it's a spider about the size of a grain of rice. I can handle those. Anything bigger, and I freeze.
When I lived in Aussie, we just left the huntmans to roam around, in 8 years we lived there, not once did we see them anywhere but on on the roof, and we never had to worry about the mozzies.

But I say make the Spider and Mouse fight to the death, than give the winner to your cat.
Fair enough, but then get your man to put it outside. That`s what us males of the species are good for- picking up heavy things and putting spiders outside. Amongst other things :D
You're joking aren't you BokMagic? If someone told me to move that Huntsman I'd get straight out of there!
I put the huntsman in with the mouse. Mainly because my gf said she'd never speak to me again if I did it (win win). I got a glass from the kitchen and kept on trying to catch it, though it had a habit of running near my clothes and not coming out until I shook them. Got the ******* though

The mouse just sat there, occasionally testing out the tasty cat treats I gave it to eat. While the Huntsman was motionless (no doubt phased by walking over my gym socks) with a "f*** u guy" attitude as it didn't even bother to move.

So this legacy ends with me standing with my mobile, urging on the two combatants, but ultimately being disappointed and shaking the esky outside so they can go do whatever they do.

I obviously needed one of those Asian bird (& mouse) eating spiders.
Back in high school we had a Catholic retreat thing into the outback type area...so we decided to get scorpions and battle them to the death....find some scorpions, that's always interesting...
Feed the mouse to your cat or to the spider. If you feed it to the spider put a vid on you tube. Let the spider live but i'd suggest you take it outside.
Back in high school we had a Catholic retreat thing into the outback type area...so we decided to get scorpions and battle them to the death....find some scorpions, that's always interesting...

Scorpions? That sounds bloody awesome. When I still lived on a property me and my mates would hunt down spiders and set them against each other. Problem is they kill each other in a second and it's all over very quickly. If I ever find two suitably vicious arachnids i'm hosting it on you tube and taking bets :D
I'm not an arachnophobic. Not by a long shot. But my God, that spider is disgusting. If it was my mum , she'd catch these things and dump them on a frying pan just to hear em sizzle.

And PETA is going to hate some of the thing being said in this thread. But screw em
shux that spider looks huge! how big is it? dayum! id spray an entire can of insect spray on that! id be freaked out!

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