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Celtic League gets sponsor



The Celtic League will now be known as the Magner's League until 2008

Magners already sponsor Celtic League side Edinburgh Gunners and Guinness Premiership outfit Wasps.

"We are delighted to have secured ***le sponsorship of this exciting competition," said Maurice Breen of Bulmers, Magners' parent company.

"We have been looking for a sponsorship that fits with our brand image and helps us develop that market. That's what we opted to use the international 'Magners' brand for the new League, as it is made up of teams from Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

"The Magners League is an ideal package as it not only reaches our new markets in Scotland and Wales, but also benefits rugby in Ireland, which is, after all, our home country.

"Working together, Bulmers and Celtic Rugby have an exciting vision for the future of the Magners League and we see this complementing both our ambitions in Ireland and the UK."[/b]


Good news all round.
Yeah it'll be good for the profile of the Celtic League. One thing that'll probably be annoying is that in Scotland and Wales we call it Magners, it Ireland you call Bulmers (or something like that).

It has been the worst kept secret though...
I never understood the reason for the name difference myself. At least it's all done and dusted and official now.
I think Bulmers is the parent company, they just wanted to market it under a different name in Scotland.

Magners seem to be into their sports sponsorship. The Gunners, Wasps and now the Celtic League - all high profile. They also used to sponsor Dundee FC before Dundee went ***s up.
Yeah, It makes a change only five years to find a sponsor the Celtic League is ready to move on and challenge the premiership :D especially with Munster beign the European Champions.

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