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Central Contract are GO!



The Bollock has been dropped

None of us wanted them and the cricket team has proven that central contracts alone win f*** all, but the RFU has begun their plans to demolish the domestic game and set the central contracts in place. Cue over the next couple of seasons, the RFU bans clubs from playing big name stars in important games because they'll over do the yearly quota.

RIP English rugby, it was a blast.
Well it seriously looks like they are trying to kill Premier Rugby in England...
The worse thing that could of happend for England was Winning the World Cup, as we are now nothing like the team we were in 2003, I believe the club game has been on the decline as well since then... I would personally like to see a bigger investment in NL1 and redesigning the Premiership to be a more competitve league... International wise is something that needs to be sorted, and also club cups is something that needs to be thought about...

Northern Hemisphere rugby is a joke at the moment with the discussions about the french dropping the Heinken Cup... Something needs to be done!!!
The Pro-Scottish sides have central contracts and it's a disaster. Every time there's an international Edinburgh will field a scratch side and more often than not we lose. It's the same for Munster and Leinster, and it's devalued the Celtic League as the teams that are probably the best in the league with their international players won't win the league because of those 5 or so games a year they're without their top players. I don't know what the RFU are playing at, it doesn't really work up here and I doubt it'll work down there either.

As for structuring, the season has to be made shorter. Instead of the autumn tests, why not have 3 different test matches throughout the year, and schedule it so that it does not fall on a domestic date. I think that all teams really should get a free weekend a couple of times a season, to allow players to rest. The leagues should go on a shut down over the 6 nations, aswell, and have the seasons finnish later or start earlier.
My mouth dropped when I read this in the Telegraph but lets face it, this isn't just the RFU ramming it through.

If you actually read the article, the club owners were present at the meeting or there via video link and they agreed to it. Not strongarmed, not forced into it, they agreed through their own free will.

So if English rugby really does go down the toilet (which knowing how we do things in the UK, it probabbly will), please don't just blame the bloody RFU because the Club owners should shoulder just as much responsibility for this venture.

Personally, I hope it works. The Clubs are going to get heaps of extra cash, power on the board of European Rugby and will be able to play star players without having to worry about insurance, pay and medical costs.

I wish people would stop trying to portray this as if the RFU have just gone and done a number on the Clubs. If the Clubs are so damn bloody amazing, then they should be intelligent enough to know what a good deal is and what a bad deal is.

Therefore, shouldn't you guys be wanting to raise a few pointed questions at the next Northampton/Leicester/Bath AGM over how they have seemingly sold out? Nah, you can't do that, much easier to take pot shots at the RFU instead :p
Now sit back and watch the lower 2/3 of the clubs in England offload the majority of their England players as quickly as possible.

It is not possible for central contracts and relegation to work in tadem. Especially when you take into condition the salary cap. Why bother splashing a big cut of your budget on these England 'stars' when they won't be available for half the season?
As far as central contracts go the term "strictly accountable for their performances" should be enough for ANY professional sports person to want to either :-

1) Make a name for themselves.

2) Put bread on the table for the family.

Bottom line it's their arse and they are wholly responsible to perform to the best of their ability.

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