Champions Cup 15/16 - Rd 6 Pool 2 (Clermont, Bordeaux, Exeter, Ospreys)

Discussion in 'European Champions & Challenge Cup' started by TRF_Olyy, Jan 20, 2016.

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    No team from the pro12 through
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    I had to go out after the ASM BP without recording the rest and missed the turnover!

    Should have known that Bordeaux could stage an upset!! Brilliant for them but crap for Clermont!!
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    Disappointing end to the Ospreys European season. Thought Exeter were excellent, really outgunned the Ospreys forward pack, and exposed a usually excellent Ospreys defence. I, along with everyone else it seems, really like Exeter as a club. They've built something great down there, and they've done it without chucking cash around.

    The Ospreys were found wanting in the physicality stakes, with Exeter shutting Tips and the likes out of the game. Probably a prime example of why Gat's doesn't pick Tips as a starter, although imo it was a collaborative issue. This game also really highlighted Ospreys' severe lack of quality in midfield. Other than a fully fit and firing Beck, the O's don't posses a centre who would make the match day squads of most top European sides, and it shows. Their backline struggles as a result only looking good on the counter when they can get the likes of Dirksen, Walker, and Evans into space. During phase play they fail miserably to make any impression. I'm not sure if there's any young centres of note within the region either, certainly none like Beck who was making waves in the Prem for a while before his Ospreys days.

    Anyway, congrats to Exeter, i'm glad it's you who's progressed ahead of Clermont tbh. Nice to see some fresh faces in the knockout stage.
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