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Discussion in 'ITM (NPC) Cup' started by esoj, Aug 6, 2008.

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    well some big changes next year in the air nz cup. 2 teams will be cut and the bottom team is going to play a promotion/regulation game with the top team of the heartland championship. ranfurly sheild will also be put on the line at any game after 4 succesful defences except finals games.
    The NZRU says two teams will be dumped from the Air New Zealand Cup at the end of this season.

    A review of the competition by the Rugby Union will see 12 teams participate from 2009. The competition will feature 11 weeks of round robin play and a two week finals series. The last placed team will also play a promotion - relegation match against the winning team of the Heartland Championship.

    After four successful home defences, the holder will be required to put the Shield on the line every time they play, whether home or away, excluding playoff matche
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    More info
    Management info

    personally i think that the ranfuly shield decision to change it to compulsary defenses after 4 succesful home defenses is a good one. Also that the winners of the two lower competitions have a shot at it the next year as well a good move. This gives the smaller unions more chance to see the shield and even though its still unlikely that they will win it who knows what will happen. But it may devalue the shield as well. Its meant to be hard for the away team to come and take it from the home team, now they will make it that much harder for the shield holders to keep it for long periods of time. But that cant always be a bad thing either.
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    Thank f***.

    Tasmans already gone, who else is going to get cut? My moneys on Manawatu. Shithouse team with a shithouse stadium, and the Hurricanes will still have 3 teams in their catchment area. Of the other new teams Hawkes Bay is a proven success both on the field and off the field, and is a talent hot bed, while Counties is too big a population and talent base to ignore.
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