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Charlotte turns Paris down for chat show



Charlotte turns Paris down for chat show
31 August 2006

Charlotte Church stopped Paris Hilton from appearing on her TV show after the American socialite demanded £350,000.

Charlotte, whose debut TV show starts this Friday on Channel 4, said Paris wanted the "obscene" amount to be interviewed.

She told Britain's Radio 1: "We asked Paris to be on the show. I thought it would be funny to make fun out of her because she's such an airhead but she wanted a ridiculous amount of money. Having her on would have cost us the price of a big house - £350,000. It's pathetic. It's not as if she would say anything earth changing."

Charlotte also revealed that she would be singing the theme song to the show every week, and that one of the verses will be changed every week to make it topical.

Despite looking forward to the start of the programme, the Welsh singer admits it has been hard work.

She said: "It's not just a chat show. There will be a band on every show as well as a comedian and there will be comedy sketches too.

"I'm really looking forward to doing it. I thought it would be nice to have a break from singing, but I never realised how much hard work it would be.

"When you're recording you have to spend so much time doing promotional work it can be really tiring so I thought this would be easier. But I was so wrong. I've been working like a donkey."

-Bang! Showbiz [/b]

Charolate Church is an ass, she said she has been working like one ;)


ok i am really bored and i wanted to post something :)
Charlotte Chuch is the next Cilla Black. And everyone hates her n'all.

And everyone hates Paris Hilton n'all.
"...I thought it would be funny to make fun out of her because she's such an airhead..."

Riiiight Charlotte and you would know all about that, wouldn't you!????
in the plump cow's defence I would say that she did a really good interview on radia two, thought she was very mature and actually sounded quite a humble sort of person, obviously the best thing for Gavin to keep him closer to the ground
charlotte is hot, and im not being funny, is out of all your leagues apart from me.
She's not bad, but there's a little too much cushion for pushing for my liking. Though I find Lora's comment amusing, I always got the feeling that the only thing you could pull was your hammy!
I'm a Charlotte fan myself. She's no bigger than most girls you meet, just bigger than most celebrity girls. Who cares, she's fit by my standards.

And good for her for booting Paris. Why should anyone give her another 350,000? She's right, that's the price of a home. She might as well not have her on and give the money to a charity, or buy a needy family a home...I'd much rather see that on TV.
well said mate.

and nah welsh gurls are the best in the world, better than scottish gurls.

i met a glaswegain gurl on holidays and she sounded like a drunken old man, not like our sweet welsh valleys girls.

I married a girl from Belfast, so let's keep my Charlotte Church - Welsh Beauty thing quiet...haha.

welsh girls are the best though im sorry, yeah irish gurls are nice, but you cant beat the welsh.

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