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CheckBox 9, 10 and 11



Esr what somebody not on what the attributes called "Checkbox 9, 10 and 11" on woosaah editor ?
I can not find the meaning
Look at ie. carter, henson, montgomery and see if they all have some in common and you might be able to work it out
Ok none of them are power foot, i though it was number 10 but wilkinson doesnt have any ticked, ben kay does have 10 ticked
also its nothing to do with their rating because carter and wilko have above 100 whereas monty doesnt, im completely stumped, we need like a coder to look through it all
is there an option for incurring injury? i.e that French dude nyanga (star player)? everytime i play the french with that guy in the team, i always get injurys in my team...

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