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Annual delight or yearly gathering of annoying celebrities?

Have you donated? Do you give to charity?
Annual delight or yearly gathering of annoying celebrities?

Have you donated? Do you give to charity?


I think they should have a target total and if they don't reach it they put their 'extravangza' on all night...if we all cough up we just get our normal telly.

It does nothing for me.

I do give to charity quite regularly nowadays....mainly when there is a targetted appeal for a disaster of some sort.
I give to charity alright but seriously for Children In Need they have to do better than the dirge they manage to come up with every year especially the tripe from BBC NI, woeful stuff.
i contributed by doing a cyclathone at school, everyone in school had to cycle for 15 mins on these cycle machines they got from bannantynes* for a big boy i managed 4.48 miles lol, the whole idea was to reach a certain point, was a good laugh i must say!
We used to run laps at school, people used to sponsor us a certain amount per lap.

I'm planning on giving to charity as soon as I get a job, right now I just buy pens and such for charities (like McDonalds, where they support little kids who were born with a split lip and such).

I'd give money not to have to watch certain celebrity shows :s They have an anual television show here, it's to help the cancer fund or something.
I don't give to charity - I'm far too selfish. I want what little money i have for myself, my basics, my luxuries and to be able to afford to buy my friends and family gifts when necessary.
yeah mate i contributed. i went down to my local mall, feeling in a generous mood, so i looked around the good stores, the music ones and the like, then i saw my chance to give back. there was some poor kid, seemed to been deformed at birth because he had a limp on, also he was mal-nourished as he had a long hankichef out of his pocked for his blocked nose because he didnt talk proplerly either. and the poor c***, he couldnt even buy clothes that fit him. everything was so big and baggy. and he was so confused by the situation, he didnt even have any idea where he was. he had a LA cap on. now were ment to have a K in it aswell, in the middle and the l and the a are ment to be the other way around. then the poor barstard, he was half way there, he had a shirt with the legend of rugbys number on it, 11. but he didnt have lomu, he had johnson or james or some **** on it. so you know what i did?

i kicked the living **** out of the gangsta wannabe

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