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Chip kick in RUgby 2005



Hi, Guys!

I've had a couple of matches against the computer and the computer can pull of an chip kick...something that is not mentioned in the training or in the manual?
Does someone here know how to perform the chip kick?

I've tried but I cant get it!!!


Think this was discussed today (search is your friend). Haven't played it myself but if I remember correctly you use the classic set play, and push the button above the first reciever.
either a short drop kick or a set play on the fly!!choose classic and when the icons appear if your on ps2 press Triangle in Xbox Y
chip in chase was hard to pull off in R2004 but i did it a few times and they were some of the best trys i scored (against friends). hope that the chip kick works to good effect in R2005
is it too easy though? do u score every time? i mean it is cool to do and score trys like that but it shouldnt be too easy cause it doesnt happen all the time in rugby
well thats good then i guess playign against the computer u can eventually work through there flaws and exploit them but against human players it can be harder (unless your friends suck worst than the cpu)
I believe its "W".

I really havent been able to work out set plays on the PC yet though.

Most of the time (I'm talking 90%) I can only ever call pocket.

When the set play gets going, I have no idea what buttons do what, but sometimes it works really well!

Anyone with the PC version know which keys are buttons "1", "2", "3", and "4" for set plays?

By the way, Player Editor is released in a few hours for all you PCers......
when u say chip kick i assume you mean kicking it forward across field?? ala wilkinson to lewsey in the WC. i never got the hang of that on 2**4 (but then i didnt really want to with it been such a bad game) hope its better on this one because it does look good when u pull it off

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