Cipriani back for the Bath game on Oct 1st?

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    Cipriani set for early return

    The talented 20-year-old was expected to be out of action for six months after suffering a fracture dislocation to his right ankle in the Guinness Premiership semi-final victory against Bath in May.

    However, Cipriani has recovered ahead of schedule - and, having successfully come through his first full contact session unscathed, he is now set to return to full action.

    Friday's fixture against Leicester has come too soon for the England ace, however he could play some part in the home tie with Bath.

    And Cipriani admits that he can't wait to finally put the last few months behind him

    "It is going to be emotional," Cipriani told Sky Sports News.

    "I am going to have to sort of calm myself a bit as I will be very excited and ready to play.

    "It will be good to be in front of the home crowd and hear my name called out at the start of the match, so it kicks in and that you know you are about to play in a Premiership match and those four months are over now."

    Despite the memories of the injury still being fresh in his mind, Cipriani has admitted that seeing the x-rays of his ankle helped him see that the damage will heal.

    "I remember my body sort of went numb and I didn't really feel too much pain," he said.

    "But when I looked at my ankle my brain said this is how you are meant to feel, so I suddenly felt pain and stuff.

    "My surgeon James Calder did a fantastic job. I saw the x-rays that evening - and I am grateful that I did because they showed the ankle was dead straight which meant I could see it was going realign properly and be fine in the end.

    "I had doubts [about returning] and I voiced my opinions but my friends just told me to be quiet because it is what it is and you just have to get on with it and that is what I have tried to do."

    It'll be good to see him back in action :)
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    So begins the Wasps' slow climb up the table...
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