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Claudio Ranieri

Sad day for him. I would have liked him to stay. After the 1st Leg of Monaco the whole country hated him, I came round and still backed him, but with the Russian twat in charge he was never going to stay.

Assuming Mourinho is the new man I have just one worry. That he will see players like Wayne Bridge and Frank Lampard and he will probably not realise their ability and will play them on a rotation basis. Also hope that twat Deco doesn't come + Costinha. We have enough players without that cheat Deco. No doubt he is a good coach though


This summer hopefully will see a big clearout of Chelsea players, leaving a smaller squad and less need for rotation. Those I would like to see go are:

Melchiot, Gronkjaer, Veron, Desailly, Petit, Hasselbaink and Makalele.

Next season the team will be


Terry ©



Then there will still be Mutu, Robben, Huth and Geremi to come in if needed. Much better than having everyone ****** off at having half a game tops.
Don't you worry about Mourinho - the man's a genius. He WILL look at EVERY player you have and decide if they can do a job for him.

You'll be the luckiest team in the WORLD to have him as your coach.

Feel sorry for Claudio - I can see him at Anfield next, I honestly can.
I thought Hitzfeld would be a serious contender for Liverpool but he'll be after the German job when they fail to qualify for the quarters.

As for Mourinho he'll be bringing Deco and Costinha with him, why bother with mediocrity when he has a chairman who can buy him pure class.
looks like Benitez is set for Livepool.

Im really looking forward to this summer and seeing what Mourinho is going to do.

Wouldn't mind buying Joaquin to play on the right and Puyol for the defence.
You're welcome to Joaquin, purely because it would **** the Mancs off.