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  1. Corywalker

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    Hey guys, I was just at the local shop and they didn't have any boots I was interested in purchasing, so i'm thinking about purchasing online. I have my eyes on some Nike Air Legend II's; im not going too expensive, but I love light-weight boots, but also durable. My old pair of cleats were Nike Nine-15, and the fronts of them (which are threaded in the boots) ripped apart from scrummaging; would the Nike's also suffer the same effect? the only problem im seeing from the studs is the way they are attacehd to the boot, would the plastic they are attached to break off at all under pressure? Thanks for the help!

    ~ Cory Walker

    PS: Heres a photo if reference is needed:
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  3. Swansea99

    Swansea99 Guest

    Well, to answer your question, not really. First, I'm gonna guess that your old boots were ADIDAS 9-15, which are for backs. As for the Legends, I play lock and I have a pair of Firm Ground Legends for the summer months. Personally, I've had no problems with them, in fact my grip was better on hard ground with the Legends then with my traditional rugby cleats (Mizuno Wave Boots, hurts like hell!) But, It depends on the position that you play. As for durability, I bought a pair of Legends three years ago and they're still going strong. They're also comfy! so they would be a good boot to consider.
  4. Woldog

    Woldog Guest

    Son they're screw in studs, the plastic is anti shock ABS or something like that I doubt it will break.
  5. Corywalker

    Corywalker Guest

    Thanks guys for the answers! Yeah, i meant Adidas, and the front of the cleats are threaded in, which is weird. I'm going to check the local shop for the sizes and order a pair online (wish I could get a pair of SG and FG, but i don't have the money, so im going for SG). Cheers!

    ~ Cory Walker
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