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got to above web site and click on 'club of the month' for story and pics

here is their article on us -

Beverley RUFC have had quite a season â€" in fact they have had the best season they could have wished for â€" the prize being a place into the National Leagues for the first time in the club’s history as well as the Croatian 7’s ***le.

History was made at the end of April with the victory over Dudley Kingswinford in the North One play-off at Beaver Park â€" which resulted in Beverley’s fourth consecutive promotion.

Fresh off the back of that win ..the Club headed to Croatia for the 7’s tournament for what player/coach Anthony Posa described would be ‘a holiday’……well the holiday spirit worked…the Yorkshire boys won the tournament!

To truly understand the extent of this amazing club’s achievement you must rewind back 4 years when the tiny rugby club was facing relegation from Yorkshire 2. They just managed to cling on and stay in that division when something galvanized them â€" that something it would appear was team spirit and we’re talking bucket loads of the stuff.

Player/Coach Anthony Posa also became involved then, but the straight talking Kiwi won’t take any of the credit: ‘The club had just escaped relegation from Yorkshire 2 when I arrived and from that year on in we were promoted every year. So it’s four in a row now. We defied all the critics. I don’t know what it was like when the boys were struggling, I guess I was just lucky and now I only know the ‘after’ story. The club as a whole is so supportive of everyone and they really are such a great bunch of guys. We‘ve kept the core of the team as the same as the team which played in Yorkshire 2, in fact of the 19 players who played in the final, 11 were in Yorkshire 2 - so we haven’t changed that much.

Posa, who originally played fly half for Waitemata in Auckland alongside Michael Jones, joined the club 4 years ago. His convoluted journey to Beverley began when he was playing for the Croatian National side and during the world cup qualifiers was persuaded to move to Glasgow and play for GHA. He spent 2 years playing for the Glasgow side before travelling further North to Aberdeen and it’s when he was there the offer to move to Beverley came up: ‘I was in a bit of a quandary, my year playing in Aberdeen was coming to an end. I’d already spent 2 years before that as a player at GHA in Glasgow, but was looking to move into coaching, then this offer came up from Beverley so I went for it and the rest as they say is history!.'

It’s more than just a coincidence that the club, which was so threatened by relegation, has now been promoted for the 4th time in a row when both Posa and the now Director of rugby, Graham Hodgson became involved. But when you try to give either one credit for this they both remind you again and again…it’s all down to the club and you’ve guessed it……..it’s team spirit!

Posa adds: ‘We just have the most amazing team spirit, it really is second to none and that’s having been to clubs all around the world. The boys really have a great attitude and now it’s great as we are up there with the big boys!’

Hodgson agrees: ‘We are just all absolutely over the moon. I don’t think this has ever been done â€" not like this anyway. To go from the standard we were to the standard we are now is just unbelievable. It’s just such a great achievement for the club and for all of us who’re involved. The main driving thing in this club is the great team spirit…everybody comments on this when they come here or play against us. We’re lucky. People can’t believe we’ve come so far without paying out money. People can’t believe we have the spirit like we do. It’s just so important’

Hodgson’s also quick to compliment Posa: ‘Anthony is a tremendous coach. He’s been around the world and he’s got this amazing talent for collecting good rugby information and getting rid of the crap! He stores all the things he’s learned and he’s so experienced. He plays no 10…so he’s in the best position on the field to dictate to the players. The players will give their all for him â€" they’ll give all they’ve got.’

Talking to Hodgson you get the sense just how important this rugby club is to him and those involved: “I started playing for Beverley in 1965. I played for a long time and was skipper for 8 years. I stopped as I had a young family to bring up and got involved again just four and a half years ago.’

It seems both Posa and Hodgson coming together when they did helped the club on it’s way but again Hodgson, like Posa, is reluctant to take any credit: “ We have the best backbone in this club, for an example we have had the same fixture secretary, Rob Jenner, for 20 years!. We have a number of guys just like that and that’s what has helped make this club what it is.â€

So where does Posa aim for now: " Well that’s the million dollar question isn’t it. Every year we’ve been told we wouldn’t be able to keep up and we have and we’ve just kept on being promoted. We just want to survive now. We’re always looking for more help as we really are a small club with hardly any resources, but what we lack there we make up with in team spirit. It’s a great club.â€

So now the summer break is here will Posa rest and take stock?: "No chance, I don’t stop, I am always looking to recruit and keeping an eye out for sponsors."

And as for Hodgson: "I was watching Wasps play at the weekend….I doubt we’ll ever have 81 thousand watching us, but you never know. All we can do is just keep on trying and do our best!.â€

For a small town club with the resources they’ve not got - you’ve got to hand it to them - what a year! They may still be looking to recruit and for sponsorships but there’s one thing for sure they don’t need any help with………good old team spirit!

BEVERLEY RUFC - the Sky's the limit!

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