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Club v Country



Lookity at this and save the club game

The "club versus country" row in English rugby union has rumbled on since the sport went professional more than 11 years ago. With the poor performance of England since winning the World Cup in November 2003, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) has brought increasing pressure on English clubs to "support the improvement of the international team". However, this "support" is increasingly demanding a "one-way solution", predominantly in favour of the international team.

There is too little apparent consideration being given to the thoughts of those people that support club rugby first, and international rugby second. The RFU MUST not abandon these supporters and their clubs. Without a vibrant club game, there will be no international team. We are calling for the RFU to work WITH the clubs and their supporters in partnership.

We want the best players to play for OUR clubs.[/b]

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