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Coach you would like to punch the most

andy robinson, easy

only one who comes close is brian ashton
when he was appointed it was said he was looking to bring the youth through and play an attacking game of rugby :S

does this by dropping almost everyone under 25 <_<
Gareth Jenkins:


Look at that cheesy fecking grin!
John Mitchell...

This guy suffocated a few All Black player's rugby and World cup career's, "That is Just Wrong"
Has to be EOS, backstabbing *******, although Judas would be fully deserving as well.
I dont know about punching but i'd like to kick John Mitchell in th sack, so he wont reproduce any retarded bald monkeys.
Clive Woodward (for the English Lions tour in '05)
Matt Williams (a fellow fan is quoted as saying "the best thing Matt Williams did with Scotland is bring back the blue shorts" - if thats his legacy he mustve been sheit!!!)
Oh its gotta be Eddie. Though I'm not a violent person so I'd prefer to smack him round the head with a raw haddock or sumpin.
O'Sullivan for saying this after their loss to France "France were not 20 point better than us" and something else about the referee favoring France

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