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I was wondering if you could help me, i have just started coaching tag rugby anf was wondering if you could help me out with same games or drills, or any websites that are useful for them.
touch 7's is a great way to build handling skills and endurance, and finding spaces and gaps.

plus it is quick and fast paced youre players will get in shape and its fun!
Play Fun Touch. 3 atk and 2 defend. Ball is given to attackers. Ball only changes hands when attackers score or defenders defend for 6 touches. When the defenders score, the get to become the 3 man offense. If the 3 man offense scores, they stay on for the next team of 2 attackers. If a knock on occurs, no change to team numbers, ball just goes to the opposite side.
irb website. is not much, but you can find help there.
if you can spanish "dias de rugby"

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