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Cockbain and Pugh Quit Ospreys




Ok, so here we have it. We always maintain that English rugby would be better off (internationally) if they didn't bring in so many foreigners that hinder the progress of the youngesters.
Wales have been doing the same as the English and we don't do it to their extent becuase there aren't as many Welsh teams and the budgets aren't quite comparable.
Well, it seems that the Ospreys budget is increasing every season - considerably. So much so that we are now letting go of our Welsh players.
Now, don't get me wrong, Brent Cockbain is going for the right reasons: He's old, and Alyn Wyn Jones and Ian Evans are getting called ahead of him now.
But RIchie Pugh!
He's had his critics, but this lad is only 24. He used to be a winger and he's lightning quick. So the Ospreys, with their bullging bank account, have deicded to let him go...in place of some f***ing Tongan guy and an aged New Zealander!
Pugh is a great player and yet he's had to resort to going to the London Welsh.
Ospreys are going to learn their lesson one day, but will it be at the expense of Welsh rugby and will all the regions (given the money) jump on the same bandwagon in that time.
T-Pole is a fair signing but they should have kept Pugh. You never know when injuries will hit and getting rid of a decent replacement player is just daft.
well that just highlights the recent trend in northern hemi union however limits on the forigners that can play in games are in place in the ML and HC so unless Ospreys beleive hes really really top(which he isnt lets get that right) i cant understand the signing
T-Pole may well come under the work permit loopholes which allow Pacific Islanders and South African imports to be classed in the same bracket as EU members. In which case he will still be able to play without taking up any foreign slots.

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