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collar bone injury



hello, i broke my collar bone this weekend in a match and i'm looking for other rugby players who have had this happen to them in the past. from what i'm reading, it will be at least 8-12 weeks before i can hit again. from your experience, how does the area feel once you start hitting again? did any of you have any mental problems going into contact? its only been a few days and i'm eager to get back onto the pitch. also, how long did you have to wait before you started lifting or running again? thanks for the advice
ive never done it myself, but i have broken my arm before

well i know people who have broken the collar bone and well they seemed to take awhile before they could start lifting and such, and it seemed to take awhile before they could really get a lot of mobility into it, i would reccomend just waiting till its healed

now when i broke my arm it was a little odd hitting at first because i was wary of breaking it again, and overall it did feel a little more prone to injury, but i was through the season fine

so dont worry, rehab good, and let it heal : D
Hey bud unlucky man. 2 seasons ago I popped(stuck out and ligament damage) my collar bone in a an unusual place, as most people it is at at the end of the collarbone near the shoulder but mine popped out under the chin begining of chest. Mine is still giving me problems 2 seasons later but it is more the midlle of the chest as some muscles and ligamnets where also damaged.

Mostly physio will solve these problems but you will have to strenghthen your shoulder back and front. You should also work on your chest basically all muscle areas surrounding. I sometimes wish mine had broke as ligaments never seem to heal once they are streched :ranting: .

But don`t worry you will make a full recovery and be playing again in about 14 weeks if you do your physio. use the time to work on your legs etc.

Good luck and get well soon :D

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