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Coloss mods for RC3


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Jul 5, 2016
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New Zealand
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Hi guys,

I have been a modder for rugby challenge for a while but haven't gone public with my creations. I'm a graphic designer/teacher here in NZ by trade and enjoy doing these little projects in my spare time. I'm going to upload what I get done from now on, so hope you enjoy. :D

Straight to the point:

* First upload: Australia Home kit

DOWNLOAD >> http://www.mediafire.com/download/patc55g55khw59l/australia16.rar

Australia kit.jpg
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Not a team strip, but after a lot of trial and error with hex, Sonny bill is now back in. You can get him from my fanhub by searching Sonny Bill Williams and looking for the one by myself "colossss" (if it looks like this - if it doesn't let me know). As for the super rugby kits, there are some out there I know of that are not created by me, have a look on sidhe forums.

These look awesome in game, the Aus kit especially. Great job, thank you!

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