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Comedy momeent of the season?


ecks tartan army

an incident during the Glasgow v Cardiff match lasst night got me thinking "whats the funniest moment of the magners league this season?"

Last night certain individuals (one in particular) were giving the blues kicker pelters as he was lining up kicks, however towards the end Cardiff opted to kick a penalty from around half-way where said induvidual was sitting. Hence, on que, the jeerring started again and the ref turned, looked said individual in the eye and went "shhhh" (just before the kicck was taken)

didnt really work as intended though, everyone let out a laugh and put the kicker off! :lol:
Any time I see the Changeling guy blow his whistle during a game. I then let steam out of my ears.
Ecks, that was one of the best bits of the game lol. the guy who was doing it was like 3 rows in frint of me. i was gutting myself
The performance of the Scottish ref in the Ospreys-Leinster match was pretty comical in a shambolic sense, especially for the Ospreys' FB's try.

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